An ambush

After ending the call with Terry, Zane looked back at Yoko and was about to speak, when Yoko suddenly took out his phone and dialed Mr. Alfred, and it took one ring, and then the old man's voice came through, “Yoko, what is it,”

“There was a hit-and-run incident at Golden key Co. against Zane and me,” Yoko said, his voice humbled with shame at the thought that he properly didn't do his job, “Zane and I are okay. He was smart to push us out of the car's way.”

There was a brief silence on the line, and then Mr. Alfred's voice came through a bit annoy, “Zane saved you?”

“Yes, boss.”

“Did you at least get the license plate number of the car?”

Hanging his head low, Yoko hesitated and then said, “No. the vehicle had no license. But Terry and the others chased the person into the T-max mall and lost him.”

A sigh left Mr. Alfred's lips and then he said, “I will make some calls. Head to T-max and wait for my response.”

Once Mr. Alferd had ended the call with Yoko, he pulled out his phone fro
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Vallarie Jones
This is a very interesting book. we need more frequent updates. It's terrible to only get one chapter every other day. Why not 2-3 chapters per day?

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