Make sure that he won't

Facing each other, the security with his baton and teaser, and Yoko along with Zane, the security moved for Zane since he was the one that pissed him off in the first place.

But as he was about to attack, Yoko reached for his right wrist, and instantly, Zane caught on to what he was doing, and Zane went for the left hand.

Before the security could figure out what they were up to, Zane and Yoko had locked his wrist in their grips, and they dragged him back as he screamed, kicking and punching his legs, trying to bend his hand and use the teaser on Zane, but his wirst was so tightly in Zane’s grip that he couldn't twist it.

“You two are going to jail for assaulting me!” The guard shouted as he struggled.

Finally, Zane and Yoko pinned him to the wall, and then Yoko shouted, “Who are you working for?”

“I am a security guard at T-max, so I work for Mr. Landon.” The guard said, forgetting about the pain in his wrist and looking at Yoko like he was dumb.

“He meant, who sent you to attack us
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Okay now I am curious as to why Damion is scared to try to kill Zane what secret is he holding

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