This is why you invited me

The sound of the apartment door opening got Emma's attention, and immediately, she left her books on the table, walked out of the living room, and met Zane in the hallway.

“Hey,” She said softly, “You're back early. How was your first day of work?”

Smiling weakly at her, Zane pulled his coat off his shoulder as he said, “I got off work early to pick you up from school, so we can have lunch together, but then a reckless driver almost ran into Yoko and me-”

“Oh, my... are you alright?” Emma asked worriedly, placing her hand on Zane's cheek.

“Yeah. We were able to jump out of the vehicle's way.”

“Thank God,”

Taking Zane's coat from his hand, she held onto it as she said, “Do you want me to make something for you to eat?”

The tender look of concern in her eyes Made Zane smile softly and then grabbed her by her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder, inhaling deeply, “When I saw my life flash before my eyes, you were the part of it that I knew I was going to miss the most if something
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