Day 59

"Dear Little princess."

My uncle enters the room holding a briefcase.

 Flex, Bridget and some six other men lurk behind him.

He turns and looks at the pack sternly.

 "I need to be left alone."

Bridget narrows her eyes at him. "But-"

"It is not a request Banks!" he says harshly.

She rolls her eyes and they all leave the room.

Uncle Terrence struts towards me and grabs a chair to sit directly opposite to me. He puts the black briefcase on his lap.

He grins at me evilly and my whole body is aching to pounce on him like a beast and strangle him to death. 

He is a monster.

"Sorry for dragging you into this kind of mess darling." 

But there is not even a slight tone of remorse when he says that.

I notice that he is completely ignoring Ramon,

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Great story.
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I am enjoying reading your book. The story is very good and love the plot and twist. So, who is the boss?

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