Day 60

"This dumb brother of mine keeps calling!"

Andrew grumbles as he looks at his phone.

He stands from the chair and presses his phone to his ear.

"Rupert? Can you stop calling! I am busy!" he roars as he storms out of the room, yelling.

I am still in shock.

Andrew has been the mastermind all this time?

I never even once suspected him. 


From what I have gathered since yesterday, Andrew is the head of the Relliks Company. An organization I thought was for criminal investigation. But as the FBI Agent said, it is  more than that. 

Because he found out the truth, Bridget murdered him. It is a company where a client orders for a particular person to be killed and their property to be snatched. 

And the reason these clients choose this organization is because Relliks knows how to cover th

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love ...️ ... ... great characters, enthralling story, can't wait to read the rest.

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