*Earlier that day*

♥Raymond Rex♥

After dropping Jully at school, we drove to ours.

Stephany was nervous the whole time and quiet. Which is not like her.

I had to flow with her state. By not asking her any questions or talking about anything.

She is the type of person who does not want to be disturbed when she is not in her mood.

We drove for 10minutes and finally arrived at school. I packed in the student's area. And I bet, all eyes were on my car.

They knew who had arrived. And were excited to see me out.

Turning my engine off, I looked at her and said

"Look at me" 

She turned her face to the side looking at me

"Are you sure of this?" she asked

"The prob is not if I'm sure or not. The prob is if you are prepared to face your team. And apologize for trying to back out" I said, and she turned her face away looking down at her hands

I turned her face to face me and raised her chin up. 

"We can do this. You are not in this alone. And you know that. So, chill. Your team is waiting for you right now. I'm sure they'll understand." I said and she smiled sweetly

"You're the best" she said, and I rested my forehead on hers

"You'll be more, if you get in there and make us proud" I

said, and she raised her brows

"What? I'm damn serious" I said again

"Then I have to get going." She said looking at me with her blue sparkling eyes like an ocean

I could not control the urge to kiss her. I brought my lips closer to hers a kissed her slowly. She gave in at once kissing me back in the same manner.

It has been an hour now since we separated, and her team has been rehearsing for the match which is soon to start.

She will make her team proud this time. They have been practicing all through the year, putting all their efforts and time. So, they will make it.

She has been with her handball team for 3yrs now. And since they had her, last year was the only year they did not make it.

Many students from other schools have been invited over. It is going to be grand.

I personally have a Soccer team. But I am not the head. Our head is in senior high. He will have to be replaced because this year is his last year.

Though I am yet to be in senior high, my performances are outstanding.

I have been congratulated a lot by my coach and team. We won a lot of medial because of the love between us. Though we may have misunderstandings, we settle them afterwards.

It is left 5minutes for the match to start and everyone is gathered and ready to see the competition. 

I walked in the hall with my team and everyone turned their gaze to us like we were the exceptional invitees

Girls were turned on just by our look. I was so huge compared to people of my age, which made me look like a senior. Though I will soon be.

Before we sat, Stephany and her team join their opponent on the ground.

When she saw me, she ran towards me and I gave her a peck on her lips as she giggled in them.

"I'm right here till the end. Now get that medial for us baby" I

said, and she smiled widely

"I'm right on its babe!" She said moving away

I walked towards my friends and sat waiting for the game to begin. The ladies in the hall had their eyes on my friends and me. As they talked amongst themselves instead of concentrating on why they are here.

The match begone and everything was going well. Though our opponent had more points, they kept on pressing. 

She glanced at me once a while and I smiled at her to keep her going.

It is broken and they have not yet gotten over their opponent.

I left my sit as she walked towards me.

"you can do this baby. Just keep focus. I believe in you" I said, and she nodded

I gave her one last kiss and she rejoined her team.

Returning to my sit, the break was over, and I roared along with the others for their team to be encouraged.

And yes, we started winning! Before the match could finally end, we had so passed our opponents by far and I knew Victory is ours.

5minutes later, we were 40points above our opponents and the bell was rung. The match was over.

We roared in triumph and I rose at once and brought her into my arms.

"Yes! We made!" She said

"I know right! We killed those fucking points!" I said still hugging her tight

"I couldn't have done this without you babe" she said

"It was all within you. I just brought it back to life. Cause I knew who my baby was and is" I

said, and she looked at me

"We're going to finish this celebration at home, right?" she said

"Sure. I had it all planned. I have a gift for you waiting back at home" I said, and she smiled the more. 

"Really!?" She exclaimed

"Yeah really. And I can't wait for you to put it on" I said

"Where are you going to take me?" She asked

"It's a surprise. Don't ruin it" I said 

"Okay. I would not ruin the surprise then. Is Jully invited?" She asked

"Why?" I asked pretentiously

"Are you seriously asking me that!?" She said furrowing her brows and I laughed

"I bet you know the responds" I said

"What do you mean babe?" She asked

"Then I guess you wait and find out later tonight" I said

"Common. I need to know. Please." She said with a puppy face

"Alright. She is not coming with us. She would stay at my aunts place tonight. I told my parents about it last night and they accepted.'s going to be just us today" I said, and she hugged me tight

"I'm so happy. Thanks babe" she said

"No. Thank you for making my day." I said 


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