Alpha Everett’s fated mate

Alpha Everett’s fated mate

By:  Authoress Ti Fe  Completed
Language: English
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Claudia had always enjoyed being in the company of Thorsten, her childhood crush. However, Claudia's parents informed her that Thorsten was not her mate and that the Moon Goddess had fated her to marry a man she had never met. She met her fated mate, Alpha Everett, a wolf from a neighboring kingdom, at a moonball celebration. Claudia was offended when she saw her supposed mate having sex right in front of her on their first meeting, and she vowed she would never marry him. After many warnings from the moon goddess, Claudia is compelled to let go of Thorsten. She ended up in Alpha Everett's packhouse, where she was treated as a slave by her mate and his Beta Concubine, Annette. Is Everett ever going to see her as his true mate? What will Claudia do when she develops feelings for one of Everett's most trusted pack members? Will she give in to her desire right in Everett's home?

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Choo Anna
most twisted story i ever read..
2023-07-27 19:57:44
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some of the reviews here is very bias…they BOTH cheat so why would you only condemn the man? she cheat not only one but with two men…psh!
2023-07-21 22:30:32
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some of the reviews here is very bias…they BOTH cheat so why would you only condemn the man? she cheat not only one but with two men…psh!
2023-07-21 22:29:26
user avatar
This an adventure of worth escaping into.
2023-05-06 01:10:36
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Mami Love
I can't get into it. it's not a good read for me
2023-07-07 08:46:09
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Terrible. He cheats on her repeatedly, physically and sexually assaults her, marks her by force, kills her father, laughs at her pain during her first shift, locks her in the dungeon. And from literally one chapter to the next, he buys her pretty things, and she falls in love with him.
2022-09-10 11:58:18
88 Chapters
(The Prophecy)
~1860~ CLAUDIA I hopped happily, turning in circles and giggling periodically as I moved closer to the Wagner Packhouse. I had a great time with Thorsten, my very good friend outside Wagner’s gigantic walls again. We have been friends since we were very young, and since I had him, I never thought of having another friend. He was more than enough. His father and mother, Dirk and Bettina Schulz happen to be part of the Wagner werewolf clan. His father is the Alpha of the Schulz pack. A werewolf clan is a local community made up of individual werewolf packs that come together for a common cause. It is often named after the Alpha that brings the packs together in a particular kingdom. Going down to Packs, we are members of the Crescent Moon Pack, descendants of the late Alpha Logan Wagner. The Wagner werewolf clan, even though being made up of about five different clans, is ruled by my parents Horst and Krista Wagner, it has never left the Wagner family or Crescent Moon Pack since
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(Alpha Everett)
EVERETT I pushed her off me after I was done f**king her brains out. She looked at me with sadness written all over her. I sighed and looked away, her sad face couldn’t change anything. “Don’t look at me like that.” I stood up and reached for my boxers. “Why do you keep treating me like this Everett? What exactly do you want?” She approached and I turned to look at her. “What do you mean by what do I want? We made this clear before now, all we can do is f**k. I am not putting any marks on you, Annette.” She stood up and walked up to me, she held my hands and moved them to her mouth, and planted a soft kiss on them. “You can’t tell me you don’t feel the excitement I feel when I am with you. Everett my heart yearns for you and you alone. I have never felt this kind of way for any person. You are doing something to me Everett and you know it.” She muttered and I yanked my hands away from hers. “I’m sorry, but this can’t work. I wish it could, but it can’t.” Why couldn’t she un
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(A stupid reason)
CLAUDIA The sun rays entered my room through the window and were directly on my face. “Ma’am Petra! The curtains!” I cried out and covered my head with my bedspread. I heard my room door open, I knew it was Ma’am Petra. She walked to the window and I heard her pull the curtains. “Good morning Claudia.” She greeted and I yanked the bedspread off my head still closing my eyes. I opened my eyes and heaved out a sigh. I couldn’t sleep, what Mom and Dad told me kept tormenting me. “Oh, God… Claudia your eyes are swollen. Did you sleep at all?” Ma’am Petra became worried. She sat next to me on the bed and I looked at her. “The night was horrible,” I sat up and she passed the pillow to me. I placed the pillow behind me so I could rest my back on it. “Why was the night horrible my child? You had a nightmare?” She was so worried. It was written all over her. “I would prefer a nightmare to what happened last night,” I became sad again. I bent my head and began to fondle my fingers.
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(Mark me)
CLAUDIA The dry leaves from the trees dropped on me as I strolled into the garden. Thorsten and I had always loved sitting in the garden and chatting. On the garden bench, we always sat, there were plenty of dried leaves on it. The leaves had dropped more than usual. I got to the bench and swept the leaves off with my hand. I was preparing the bench for Thorsten’s arrival. If he was the one that came first, he would have done the same thing for me. After getting the leaves off the bench, I sat and placed my right leg on my left leg. I adjusted my high-waist gown so it couldn’t cover all of my legs. A beautiful flower tree was next to me, it was a pink cherry blossom tree. A faint smile crept across my face and I plucked a flower from the tree. I moved it to my nose and sniffed it shutting my eyes. “I got you a better one.” I heard the voice that always brought joy to my soul. I chuckled and bent my head to look at him. Thorsten had the most beautiful grin on his face, it made m
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(Preparations: The Moonball Party)
AFTER A MONTH CLAUDIA Ma’am Petra woke me up very early in the morning, she informed me it was time to prepare for the moonball party. I got out of bed sluggishly and dragged my feet on the Axminster carpet that completely overlaid my bedroom floor. I always enjoyed its soft feel under my feet, so most times I walk barefoot. I sat in front of my gigantic mirror, I stared at myself. My radiant hazel eyes were looking tired and my beautifully smooth and aligned hair had turned shaggy. I was too broken to pay attention to it. It’s been a month since I stopped seeing Thorsten but it seemed like yesterday. I still couldn’t believe it. I would tuck myself in bed for days. Dad, mom, and Ma’am Petra tried cheering me up but it didn’t work. My birthday came and I couldn’t celebrate, I refused to open the luxurious gifts my parents and a few people from the clan had gotten me. I was broken. Ma’am Petra walked up to me and stood behind me. She looked at me through the mirror with sympat
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(The Encounter)
CLAUDIA The carriage rode into the black wrought iron fence of the Jamba Royal palace. The building was a terrace, and the building is finished in a simple black and white color palette on the facade. It was my first time at the Jamba palace, and I was loving everything about it. The exterior lighting was provided by street lamps and a pair of iron lanterns mounted on each side of the front door. I could see the name “JAMBA PALACE” written boldly with paint on the top of the building. It was well above eye level. The garden that surrounded the pathway the carriage rode caught my attention, there were flower beds, potted plants, shrubs in neoclassical urns, statues, and many more I couldn’t recognize. “Claudia, it’s time to get off.” I looked at Mom with a huge smile on my face, she was out of the carriage while I was feeding my eyes with the palace’s beauty. “I was examining the environment.” I climbed down the carriage with the help of the coachman, he held me by my right han
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(Mr. Prophecy)
CLAUDIA I kept running down the passage of the palace like I was being chased. I wanted to run until I was in another world. *This isn’t happening to me! No, he can’t be the one. He looks so old.* I lowered my head at some point as tears rolled down my face, and suddenly I bumped into someone. I fell to the floor and I looked at the leg of the person I bumped into standing in front of me. “I’m sorry.” I lifted my head and I saw it was him. The prophecy man. *Why is he here again? How did he get here? I left him in the room! * “Come with me.” His modulated voice approached me and I shook my head. “To where? I am not coming with you.” I was adamant that I wasn’t going anywhere with him. “It isn’t a request, it is an order.” I screwed up my face at his statement. His autocratic attitude got me irritated. *Who does he think he is, that is can just order me around like some god?* “You are in no position to give me orders! I am going nowhere with you!” I got up on my feet and
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EVERETT The fear in her was extraordinary, I could feel and hear the racing of her heart, it was like she had seen a ghost. “Come with me.” I moved aside and she scuttled past me and walked in front of me. I picked up my shredded clothes and followed behind her. As I walked behind her, I began to assess her body. She was slender and average in height. Her light golden brown hair looked so shiny and silky under the lights. She must have paid great attention to her hair. I could perceive the fragrance her hair emitted as I walked behind her. We kept walking down the tiny footpath in the garden, and when as got to the darkest part of the palace, I stopped her. “This place should do.” She came to a halt and refused to look back at me. “Look at me.” She teetered as she turned to see me very close to her. I was just an inch away from her. Her breath ceased and I took my time to assess her face. Her blue almond-shaped eyes pierced through mine, they were indeed beautiful. Her lashes
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(First Kiss)
CLAUDIA “Father wants to become king? Since when have you two been planning this?” I was shocked, I was never been carried along with anything going on in our pack, talk-less of the clan. But this, I should have known before the time of his speech. “For some time now Claudia. We wanted to surprise you.” “Surprise me? Or you kept it from me because you feel I am not mature enough?” “Claudia please, not this time. Your father needs us now, we can continue this talk at home.” I heaved a sigh and looked at Mr. Prophecy. He announced his name to be Everett Durchdenwald, but I’d prefer calling him Mr. Prophecy. He had a cold look on his face and I wondered why. I looked at what he was staring coldly at and I saw it was Father. *My father and my fated mates are rivals in becoming king. Why does the moon goddess hate me so much? This makes absolutely no sense! They would turn their backs against each other!* The people applauded Father as soon as he got to where the Monk stood. The no
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(A wedding to plan)
EVERETT“You have been speechless for minutes now. Are you okay?” I sat next to Annette in the dressing room where I first met Claudia. My head was lowered in thoughts, I was trying to evaluate and plan how I would win the throne over Alpha Horst. “Talk to me Everett, I am worried.” Annette placed her hands on my shoulders and I sighed getting her hands off me. “I have so many things I’m thinking about Annette and you are distracting me! Please leave!” She flinched, and her mouth fell open after seeing my mood. She stood up and stared at me. I kept mute and lowered my head again. “Is this because of that small girl? You yelled at me Everett, because of her?” “Alpha Everett.”She went blank after hearing me speak. I looked at her coldly and she scoffed. “Alpha? Do I have to put the title now? Because of her?” “She is my mate and this has nothing to do with her! Not everything has to do with you, Annette. Let me be, I need to think!” I sprang up from the chair and appro
Read more Protection Status