Alpha Jax

Alpha Jax

By:  C.J. Primer  Completed
Language: English
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SIX-PACK SERIES BOOK THREE *While this book can be read as a standalone, I'd highly recommend reading books one (Alpha Gray) and two (Alpha Theo) for context before this book* JAX : I'm no stranger to one night stands. Lots of girls want a hook-up with an alpha, so why should this one be any different? Maybe it's because she's the best I ever had. Maybe it's because she refused to tell me anything about herself. We agreed to one night, no strings attached. The problem is, I can't get that night out of my head; I've been obsessed with finding this girl since. When she shows up at the squad complex for training, I feel like it's my lucky day- until my best friend introduces her as his sister and things get... complicated. I can't go against bro code, right? Even if Quinn is my dream girl. Even if there's a crazy attraction between us that's harder to resist every day. I'm so screwed.  ~ QUINN : One night. It was supposed to be one night of anonymous, meaningless with a stranger. I just wanted to have a good time and forget about my cheating ex. It definitely did the trick- I haven't thought about my ex since, but now I can't stop thinking about that night or the sexy stranger who had all the right moves. When I arrive at the complex for a fresh start, I'm shocked to see him again- and even more surprised to find out that he's not only an alpha, but also one of my brother's best friends. Theo would Jax if he found out about that night. He can never know- which means I have to keep my distance. Even if I can't stop fantasizing about Jax. Even if it kills me.

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Alpha Jax" by C.J. Primer is a gripping werewolf romance that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. The story follows Emery, a strong-willed and independent woman who finds herself drawn to the mysterious and brooding Alpha Jax. Primer does an excellent job of building tension and suspense throughout the story, and the chemistry between Emery and Jax is electric. Overall, "Alpha Jax" is rated 4 out of 5 stars and it’s a captivating werewolf romance that will have readers rooting for the characters from start to finish.

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QUINN “Earth to Quinn!” My friend Kyla’s voice slips into my daydream, startling me back to reality.“Huh?” I swivel my head around to face her, blinking, as she sets two frothy pint glasses of beer in front of me on the bar top of the brewery where we both work.“For table six.”“Right,” I nod, reaching for the glasses. I pick one up in each hand and start to spin around to head out from behind the bar. Before I can take a step, though, Kyla reaches out to grab my arm, halting me.“Hey, what’s with you today?” she asks, searching my eyes with her dark brown ones. “Having trouble sleeping again?”I shake my head quickly, my long brunette hair swishing in front of my face. “Nah,” I lie, blowing a loose strand out of my field of vision. Kyla’s giving me that stern look that says she does
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JAX I wind my fingers around the necks of the empty beer bottles on the table, carrying three in each hand and walking into the kitchen to discard them.“Thanks, man,” Reid grumbles, pressing his foot on the pedal of the stainless-steel garbage can to pop the lid open.The bottles clatter together as I toss them inside. “No problem. Wish those guys didn’t have to take off already, I could use a few more brewskis after that shitshow.”We’re at Reid’s place- the packhouse in Stillwater- after enduring a particularly stressful meeting with the council for the six-pack. My buddy Reid is Alpha of his pack and therefore a member of the council. It was his turn to host the meeting on his home turf.  Council meetings are usually boring as shit, but tonight’s got heated because tensions are running high over an incident in Denver with the shadow pack.I should back
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QUINN I can’t believe how slammed the Stillwater Tap is on a Wednesday. When Kyla and I walk through the door, my thoughts are immediately drowned out by the loud thump of the music, my eyes taking in the sheer number of bodies packing the place. Though it’s not what I expected, I’m pleasantly surprised. The dance floor is already crowded, and before we’ve even made it to the bar to order a drink, I’m itching to get out there.Kyla elbows her way to the front of the bar to order drinks while I hang back, scanning the crowd and tugging at the hem of the dress Kyla let me borrow. It’s too small and too short, but it was the only thing remotely appropriate that I tried on from Kyla’s closet. I’ve got a good six inches in height on her, not to mention several cup sizes. This stretchy black tube dress was my only option, aside from my brewery t-shirt and work shorts.I feel a hand
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JAX I’m about to leave the Stillwater Tap to head back to the packhouse when I hear it. Before I even see her, the sound of her laugh pulls me in like she’s a siren. I stop in my tracks, looking around to discern where that laugh is coming from. Then I see her. Stunningly gorgeous, like she belongs on the cover of a magazine, not in a dimly lit shifter bar in the middle of nowhere Colorado. I can’t take my eyes off of her, because it’s not just the way she looks and sounds that’s drawing me in- it’s everything about her, the total package. The way she carries herself like she’s this sexy, confident force of nature who knows exactly who she is and what she wants.I know immediately that I have to have her. She’s wild, sinful trouble that I want to drown in- all alpha female, and I’m fucking here for it. I don’t even know who she is, but she came here for me tonig
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QUINN I look up from the pint glass I’m filling from the tap, my heart stuttering as a tall blonde guy walks into the brewery.Not him. Damnit. I’ve had the same reaction every time a hot blonde guy has strolled through the doors of Cedar Ridge Brewery over the past week. That one-night stand with ‘sexy stranger’, as I’ve been referring to him, totally fucked me up; my head’s all over the place. Part of me is dying to run into him again, yet I’m slightly terrified that if I do, seeing each other in the light of day might ruin the well-preserved fantasy. And right now I’m living for the memory of that night- it has been my go-to fantasy since.I’ll never forget his face, or the way he touched me, or how all that hard muscle felt underneath my palms. Not to mention the intensity of his gaze as I came undone beneath him. Clay who? That je
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JAX Two weeks. It has been almost two weeks exactly since I hooked up with that girl in Stillwater, and I still can’t get her out of my head.This hasn’t ever happened to me before. Sure, I’ve had one-night stands with women, and some of them were pretty great- but my thoughts about this one are bordering on obsession.At first, I thought it was because the anonymity of the whole encounter made it feel more exciting, almost dangerous. But it wasn’t just that. It was her- everything about her. For starters, she was a total knockout; quite possibly the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing up close. Then she had this air of confidence about her- she radiated energy and strength, seemed like the kind of girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t take any shit from anyone. And when the two of us were together… the sexual chemistry was combustible. You
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QUINN   I whip my little blue car into the parking lot of the squad complex, steering into a spot and slamming it in park. It’s my first day and I’m already late- what a great first impression. I hate being late for anything; it gives me major anxiety. Dad drew out our goodbye, like he didn’t want to let me go, and while I knew it was going to make me late, I didn’t have the heart to rush it. For the past five years, it has just been the two of us at the packhouse- this new chapter is definitely going to be an adjustment for us both. And speaking of new chapters and fresh starts, what a way to begin mine! I don’t even bother grabbing my bags- I can get those later. My only concern right now is getting in there. I’m only ten minutes late, so hopefully I’m not the last to arrive. I toss my keys into a tote that I sling over my shoulder, climbing out of my car. At least I’m already dressed for training in le
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JAX   I’m still in shock. My mouth is dry, my pulse is racing, and I feel like my stomach is gonna fall out of my butt. The search for my mystery girl is over, but it turns out that she’s the one single female in the six-pack who is off-limits: my best friend’s little sister. I can’t help but wonder whether the universe is playing some twisted joke on me right now. I knew there was something familiar about her that night, but I couldn’t quite place it. Seeing her standing next to her brother today, though, I wonder how the hell I could’ve been so blind- the family resemblance is striking. This is the sister I knew Theo had, but never met. The one he asked me to look out for just last week. Of course, when I agreed to that, I had no idea I’d already broken bro code in the worst way… Fucking hell, when I was telling Theo about my mystery girl that day, I was telling him about his own sister! In graphic fuc
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QUINN   I’m shoving the last of my clothes into a drawer when I hear a knock, glancing in the direction of the open door of the room in the squad dorms where I’m getting settled in. Brooke’s there leaning against the doorframe, dressed in ripped up jeans and a Journey t-shirt, a bright smile on her face. “Hey, stranger,” she greets when I turn to look at her, adjusting her black framed glasses on the bridge of her nose. “How are you settling in?” “Good,” I breathe, closing the open dresser drawer with my hip. I’ve already filled the dresser with all of the clothes I brought along. I straighten, waving Brooke inside with a hand. “Come on in!” She does, crossing the room and sinking down onto the edge of the bed, looking around. “This used to be my room, you know,” she says fondly. “Really?” I stride over to join her on the bed, perching on the edge beside her. I’ve still got my leggings and sports
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JAX   Okay, so here’s the thing. I know Quinn’s off limits. I know I royally fucked up by hooking up with her once, and I can never do it again. But there’s no harm in just looking at her, right? I mean, it’s still my job to train her with the other recruits, and the least I can do is honor my promise to Theo to watch over her for the next few weeks. I’ve gotta look at her to do those things, so looking can’t be off limits. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself all morning, because I couldn’t keep my fucking eyes off of Quinn if I tried. She’s wearing a little pair of black workout shorts and a red sports bra, and the red bra immediately conjures up the image of that lacy red lingerie she was wearing the night we hooked up. I’m a creep- a total fucking creep- because I just kept watching her tits bounce in her sports bra as she was doing warmup laps around the track, and I was popping a semi by the time warmups
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