Alpha Nox

Alpha Nox

By:  Jane Doe  Completed
Language: English
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At just fourteen years old Lilac Einar made a greivous mistake. Using her ability, a magic forbidden by her kind, she commited an irreversible crime. Trusting her best-friend and the only boy she'd ever loved, future Alpha Nox Griffin, she turns herself in believing he'll listen to her side of the story. Nox Griffin's betrayal shatters their lifelong friendship and the budding feelings between the two. For her crimes, Lilac Einar is sentenced to a lifetime of servitude at the infamous Lycan's Training Camp, a place where only the elite are sent. From then on, torture, pain, and blood are all Lilac knows. Not a day goes by where Lilac doesn't think about her home, and the revenge she'd someday take on the people who wronged her. After four long years, Lilac finally finds her opportunity. She has many names to cross off her list, and at the very top is the only boy she ever loved: Nox Griffin.

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Great book and great author. I love Lilac's and Nox's storyline. It was brutal at the beginning but wouldn't change it. I also loved the other characters in the book.
2023-09-26 04:53:02
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Stacie Fleming
Love, love, love this story. Iliac is one probably my favorite character in all her stories.
2023-09-25 09:16:25
default avatar
10/10 never knew what was happening next. Constantly checked daily for updates. One of the books that I lost time while reading.
2023-09-22 23:32:13
default avatar
An incredible story and journey reading each update and waiting for more every week. Lilac and Box’s love/hate story is beautiful, the change in feelings that the characters experience feels so real that I feel related to them while reading it.
2023-09-22 10:05:42
user avatar
Suzy Williams Kozi
another amazing book!! thank you. on to your new one now.
2023-09-22 07:55:11
default avatar
Amy L
Best author on here
2023-09-22 05:46:58
user avatar
Jade Barbarich
Another masterpiece from the queen herself! Lilacs fire, strength and determination has made her one of my absolute favorite FMC in the jane doe universe. Twists, turns and suspense wrapped together with fire and spice made this an amazing read.
2023-09-22 04:41:33
default avatar
Excellent writing skills and very good story lines. When I read your books, I can visualise everything clearly. You definitely have a gift. Well done and keep on doing what you do so well.
2023-09-18 02:44:13
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Gary Golden
130 chapters 9-12-23
2023-09-13 09:02:14
user avatar
Minny Houser
Love, love, LOVE your books! Alpha Asher won my heart, but this one here, this is something special!
2023-09-12 17:58:31
user avatar
Catty Wheels
I'm happy to leave a review on your book because I love your books so much
2023-09-11 13:26:23
user avatar
Bec Friday
you are my favourite author here! I love reading your books. super looking forward to the continuation of this one in particular!
2023-09-09 15:13:52
user avatar
Kat the Katacorn
Enjoying this book & can’t wait to read the updates!
2023-09-04 02:55:08
user avatar
Samantha Fortner
absolutely loved this book! ive read everything the author has written, and she is amazing! keep the stories coming. i am so looking forward to what you publish next!!
2023-08-23 11:04:53
user avatar
Linda Breuer
how many chapters? i just hit 114...
2023-08-16 04:03:15
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137 Chapters
For as long as I lived, I would never forget that day. It was the day the people I considered my friends—my family, failed me irreparably. The day that the life that I knew and loved was ripped out from under my feet, splintered like the deck of a mighty ship, leaving me to drown in the ferocious waves below. This was the day I learned the sheer power of betrayal and how it can motivate a person to endure anything. The shackles around my wrists were heavy. Cold against the burnt flesh that spanned my wrists. Just as my skin would start to heal, scabbing over in rough patches caked with dried blood, the silver would brush up against them and split them wide open. With every step I took, the chains connected to those shackles rattled, singing a terrible song of agony, death, and unrequited love. The townspeople parted to let me through, keeping their distance only because the guards standing on either side of me forced them to. I was more than positive if they were allowed, they’d
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Chapter 1
Four Years Later “Worm! Get your ass over here!” The one voice I hated more than anyone else’s screeched. It was much raspier than I’d ever heard from another she-wolf, if one could even call Harriet a she-wolf. I liked to think of her as a toad. A fat, wart-riddled toad that couldn’t stop itself from croaking every single chance it got. Unfortunately, she was a poisonous toad, and I had no choice but to bow to her every whim or risk becoming her next victim. I’d made that mistake four months in and learned the hard way when she punched me so hard I took an involuntary three-day nap. Wolves with the ability of enhanced strength had a knack at hitting you where it hurt most. It wasn’t the worst I’ve endured, but it certainly made an impression. I entered the Trainer’s compound where all of the higher-up’s gathered for circuit week. Harriet stood with her back to me, hunched over the table as she reviewed this year’s circuit map. Her muddy brown hair looked exactly the same as when
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Chapter 2
“Yep. That’s me, orphan Annie over here.” I smirked at the three musketeers. “My parents didn’t want me, so they gave me up. Better than what yours did, Kaylee. Late term abortions are bad enough, but to try it when the child is outside the womb? Ouch, that must’ve stung. Can’t say I blame them, though.” I said, inspecting my nails. “What family would want a magicless wolf?” It was a cheap shot for sure, but so was the time when Kaylee poisoned my food with wolfsbane for a week straight. If I thought hard enough, I could still taste the blood-tainted vomit in my mouth. Besides, nothing I said was a lie. It was common knowledge Kaylee’s mother tried to murder her as a child—all because Kaylee here didn’t have abilities of her own. “You slick bitch. You think you’re so funny, don’t you?” Kaylee hissed. “I’m hilarious, ask anyone.” I deadpanned. I ran through the different scenarios that could get me out of this, but there weren’t many. All three were approaching from various sides
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Chapter 3
The Mess Hall had just a tad bit more personality than the barracks, but not much. If I wasn’t constantly on alert, I might’ve even liked sitting in there, surrounded by the floor-to-ceiling windows and cushy booths that gave the same relaxing feel as a restaurant.As soon as I’m within sniffing distance, I notice something’s off.Trainee’s and the occasional Trainer are all showing up for lunch, but there’s a pulse of electrifying excitement in the air that ripples along my skin and fills my mouth with the tang of metal. Outside of the Mess Hall, lingering around the bulletin board where all of the camp’s announcements are posted, were groups of trainees in private conversations. Heads were hunched and whispers were exchanged, but no eyes trailed my way.“I’ll take some of the lasagna.” I said as sweetly as I could manage, even more starving after waiting fifteen minutes in line.The lunch lady peeled her mustached lip back in a sneer. I let my bullshit sweet act drop, giving her a f
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Chapter 4
It wasn’t nearly as difficult getting Harriet to let Hakeem come with us to the Midnight Falls Pack as I’d initially thought.She must’ve really had a lot on her plate because she barely put up a fight. All it took was a short glance at the muscle compacted onto his lean frame, and my promise that he moved almost as quickly as I did, and she was sold.There were six charter busses primed and ready to take the four-hour long journey to the nearest airport. The airport was small with a whopping two lanes, which meant more planes had to be flown in to carry us all. The others from the Lycan’s second and third divisions would be making the trip from Russia and Africa sometime this week.Nox had no clue the chaos that was headed his way.It took some serious effort not to squeal when I stepped onto the charter bus. Two plush, padded seats sat next to one another on either side, separated by a long aisle that led to the bathroom in the back. Television screens were mounted every other row,
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Chapter 5
Beneath my hands, Nox’s muscles went taut. The way his eyes widened with bittersweet realization was better than I could’ve ever imagined—the drug of all drugs.If I could bottle it, I’d make a fortune. There had to be millions of poor souls out there who had been wronged, salivating for revenge just as I was.Oh, I was going to savor this. “Lilac? You’re here? You’re alive? You’re my…” Nox sputtered.Waves of icy blue splashed against the barrier of his eyes, the spray carrying hints of shock, horror, and something I might’ve compared to joy if I cared enough to analyze it further.“Your mate. I’m your mate.” I said slowly, dragging my tongue along each word as though it were the sweetest of songs.Around us, couples danced. They spun and twirled to the squeal of a violin, yet their eyes remained on us. Nox didn’t notice, though. How could he when he was too busy gaping at me like a corpse that had crawled from it’s grave?Suddenly, the sharp slashes that were his brows fell downwar
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Chapter 6
As I slipped into the darkness that was unconsciousness, the bed melted from beneath my body and gave way to a cool breeze that ruffled my sweatshirt and pants.My feet met something solid, but it wasn’t the ground. No, it was a rooftop. More specifically, the rooftop of the hotel.Past the ledge, which stood at about two feet high, I could make out the entire town of Primrose. Every road and building were lit up, creating a map I’d studied throughout the years of my life, plotted by my own two feet.I inched closer, taking in the vast expanse of land and the houses scattered along its surface. In the dark, they appeared to rise up out of the ground. The mountains in Alaska were beautiful, but this was art. Art that invoked both positive and negative feelings, a blanket of serenity to cover up the blood and chaos.It drew me in, pulling me into it’s orbit until the ledge grazed my thighs.The hotel was easily ten stories high, plenty enough to kill a Werewolf if they fell. Luckily, th
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Chapter 7
After kicking Nox out of my head, and hopefully onto his ass, I managed to sleep the rest of the night without a single dream.Sleeping in for even an hour past nine a.m. was clearly asking too much, because the three of us were all startled awake by a heavy knock on the door.Delphine muttered under her breath and staggered into the bathroom. A sliver of golden light spilled onto the floor as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. Seconds passed when the shower kicked on.I rolled out of bed, my shoes already on my feet, and took my time padding to the door.The moment I realized I’d be coming back home, I planned out every decision and potential consequence ahead of time. I had always suspected who my mate was, even as a child. That hope had long died out after being convicted of murder, and I had come to accept that a happy ending wasn’t meant for me in this life. After everything, I wasn’t at all disappointed to find out my mate was Nox. In fact, it was one of the be
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Chapter 8
Nox’s father, the previous Alpha of this pack, waited for us inside his office on the top floor of City Hall.The retired Alpha Oliver, who had once been like a second father to me, was also the man who had sentenced me to my fate. He’d done so knowing the horror’s the servants of the Lycan Camp faced.He was going to regret not executing me when he had the chance.It was our custom to call all retired leaders by the title of Sir or Ma’am. While they were no longer considered the Alpha or Luna, there still had to be a certain degree of respect when addressing them.Too bad respect was the one thing I didn’t have for Oliver.“I apologize for arriving late, father. There were a few unexpected hold ups.” Nox said, announcing our presence.I didn’t miss the way he side-eyed me, making it known I was the one that held us all up.Nox’s father stood at the window overlooking the town, his hands clasped at his front. It seemed he hadn’t given up his need to look impeccable at all times, becau
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Chapter 9
Hakeem visibly stiffened, and while I was overjoyed that I managed to coax an actual reaction from him, I needed to keep my game face on. He and Oliver weren’t the only ones surprised, though. The entire table was gawking at me. Nox included, though his look of surprise had a harsh edge to it that I did not miss.Harriet’s thin lips vanished behind her sneer. “That is unacceptable. He is a servant, a warden of the Lycan Camps. Phineas Striker will have my head if he finds out I let this happen.”Oliver regarded Harriet with a bored stare. It brought me an absurd amount of pleasure that someone else found her as insufferable as I did, even if it was the likes of Oliver.“Phineas Striker can come directly to me if he has an issue with this. As one of the three leading Alpha’s in this country, I might not have the power to single-handedly change things in the Lycan Camps, but I do have the power to promote one of my previous citizens from servant to trainee.” Oliver drawled. He turned hi
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