"I should mention that your A-Class aren't the only ones that have collected trophies in the past," Allen said, watching as  expression turned from one of curiosity and acceptance to a dawning look of disbelief before it quickly turned to anger. "Several B-Class have taken the wings skin of A-Class creature," he said, wishing he hadn't had to be the one to reveal this fact. "I take full responsibility for their acti... that is enough!" he said as they all started to protest, silencing them all with a look.

Sebestian glared around the table, horrified at the admission, they were just as bad as the A-Class. He sat stewing angrily for a moment as they all fell silent, staring at him, probably waiting for the explosion. A thought then occurred to him, as callous as it was, he decided to use the information as leverage.

"Well then, ladies and gentlemen, it seems as though both sides are guilty of the same thing,"

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