Sebestian already had a huge grin splitting his face before his eyes were fully open. He took a deep breath, inhaling the scent that clung to him. Allen! The size of his grin, however, was nothing compared to the size of his erection! Fuck, it felt good to have his Omega in his arms, but it also had his body reacting before he was even aware of the fact. His mate would probably be horrified if he were awake to feel it. He tried to wriggle back slightly before a growl erupted from his mate. His breath huffed out in a surprised chuckle when Allen hooked a leg backwards over his thigh and dragged him back in.

"Want me to do something about that, Alpha?" Allen asked without opening his eyes, grinning when his mate laughed, the sound was almost one of relief. The effect of the shake of his Alphas body as he laughed was certainly having an interesting effect on where his cock was placed. He couldn't have stopped a low moan escaping him if he wanted to at

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I so love these two! ......

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