Sebestian stepped from the magic center straight into the Op's centre, marvelling at how much easier it was to get around with Allen help, not having to wait for the fairy Jia employed was a blessing. He narrowly avoided a knife to the face, ducking just in time when it came sailing through the air inches above his head.

"Who threw that?" he growled, narrowing his eyes at the armed crowd, staring back at him with wide eyes before putting their weapons away. He shook his head when a young A-Class member stepped forward, a nervous expression on her face but the set of her shoulders showed a certain bravery he had to admire. "Miss... Brookwater is it? please refrain from throwing blades at  in future, I am trying to come to a peaceful agreement with the B-Class and having knife thrown at them when they enter into the station will not endear them to our cause" he said, walking over and retrieving the knife that had buried itself in the wall behind

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