"If you are referring to that... debacle with the werewolf and Valeria Ravencroft...," Jia said, the cogs starting to turn in her head as she thought about how to entice him into accepting the position.

"Just order Jack to accept," Sebestian said, reading her thoughts on her face. "That way he can save face, you have an inquisitor and Jack can escape his.... Problems" he said, laughing as she sat there, practically rubbing her hands at the idea.

"Thank you, Sebestian, I knew there was a reason we were friends," she said as she pulled her phone out and fired off a quick text to Jack, ordering him back to the Gard. "Wait, if Jack takes the Inquisitor position, whos going to take over the SA station?" she asked, almost slamming her head against her desk as a whole pile of new worries settled over her, she couldn't stop the growl that rumbled through her chest. 

"I so don't envy you your job" Sebestian chuckled "Monika has been chomping at the bit for a promotion. I think she's ready and she's already there. Make her the head and Ally her second. They might as well run it together" he said, grinning when Jia head shot up.

"I need a mated pair," Jia said, the Alpha in her tone clear as her frustration slipped through the cracks of her self-control. "the rest of them won't follow anyone but an Alpha and Omega that are mated! You did a great job Sebestian but without the right leadership, the station will revert to what they were before you dealt with them" she mummer.

"Haven't you heard?" Sebestian asked, surprise colouring his tone when he saw the question on her face. "Mike claimed Jace last month, he's already pregnant. How have you not heard? If there's one thing the clave likes more than bickering and squabbling with B-Grade wolf, its gossiping" he said, both of them bursting into fits of laughter at his understatement.

"They gossip like old female wolf!" Jia said, howling. "Thank the Luna we were shoved into training together, I don't know what I would do without you, Sebestian. You've saved my ass yet again" Jia said, wiping the tears from her eyes before fixing her gaze on him. "Does this mean what I think it means?" she asked him hopefully.

"You need a mated pair for SA but not Nigaland?" Sebestian asked her, reigning his expression in and shutting down at his internal wince when he reminded himself that he hadn't found a mate yet. How do you get to the age of twenty-eight and not find your mate? He asked himself bitterly. He had accepted that he would be one of those Alphas who is mated the other half of themselves was lost to them, that he or she must have died. You do not get to his age and not find your mate, especially if you were as widely travelled as him. Everyone he had grown up with had already been mated for ten years and here he was, doomed to spend his life alone. He had accepted it but it didn't mean the thought didn't shatter his heart into a thousand pieces and scrape at his soul, like a rusty blade.

"Mike and Jace are barely out of training. They might have the potential to become great leaders but they need each other if they are to keep that rabble under control" Jia said, leaning back in her chair and folding her arms as she studied her oldest friend. "Whereas you could take on half of the Nigaland station  on your own and walk away without a scratch. You're a powerful Alpha, Sebestian, you don't need a Beta or an Omega to run that place," she said watching as he sat ramrod straight in his chair, his face an emotionless void. She hated it when he closed himself off like that, something he did far too often.

"Don't underestimate yourself, my friend" Jia said when she saw a sad frown crack his hardened exterior. "you earned the respect of even the most hardened Wolf veterans when you overhauled the other station. If it weren't for you it would have been all-out war with the B-Grade Wolf. That's why I need you there, they are a mess. And who knows, maybe you will find your mate in Nigaland" she said gently, watching his shoulders slump as his face crumpled for a second. He reigned it in, but not before she saw it. It broke her heart if anyone deserved to be happy it was Sebestian.

"You're far too shrewd for my own good," Sebestian said with a sigh. "I'll take it on one condition, you pull my bestfriend from the London station and promote her to my second. It's been far too long since we've been together and I've missed her. If I'm to take on that shower of shite I'm going to need her, just for the comic relief if nothing else" he said with a chuckle. "You owe me this much Jia if I hadn't been stuck in Australia for the last year we would have been together, as it should be. She's my bestfriend" he said.

"Done!" she said, pulling her phone out and firing off another text. She waited a moment, smiling when she read the reply. "It's going to take her a week to find someone to take over her combat training classes, but after that, Dell is all yours," she said, grinning at the first true smile she had seen from him in a long time.

"Excellent!" Sebestian said, jumping to his feet and making his way over to the secret drink stash she kept in the cabinet behind her desk. "How about we get extremely drunk to celebrate?" he asked as he grabbed a couple of bottles and swung the door closed with a bump of his hipe.

"Only if you make me one of your martinis," Jia said, laughing when he spun around, a bottle of Gin in one hand and a bottle of Vodka in the other.

Sebestian couldn't stop the growl ripping out of him when he considered the text he had received. He sat there, stewing angrily for several minutes before he heard a ruckus outside his office. His head shot up as his door was almost kicked off its hinges. He launched himself over his desk, not in the mood for any of them at the moment. As his hand shot to the  blade in his left thigh holster. He whipped it out a second before realised who it was, almost sagging with relief when he saw her.

"I could hear that growl on the other side of the station" Dell said, sauntering into the office, throwing her jacket into the nearest chair and kicking her suitcases out of the way before she launched herself across the room and into her Sebestian arms. "Have you missed me Seb?" she asked, almost lifting him off his feet as she squeezed the life out of him.

"More than you know," Sebestian said as he hugged his Bestfriend, one and only best friend. "I hope you're ready for this, these assholes are hard work. Thank the Luna you are here Dell, I want to put every one of them in a choke hold, Aldert really fucked up" he said as he let go of her and walked back around his desk, slumping into his seat.

"It's that bad?" Dell asked, walking over and slamming the door closed before throwing herself into the chair in front of his desk, propping her feet up on the desk and leaning back into her cupped hands behind her head. "Who's ass am I gonna have to kick?" she asked, laughing at the sly grin that spread across his face at the thought.

"Jia's, for sending me to this stupid  place," Sebestian said, almost yanking his hair out. He couldn't help but laugh at the shudder that ran through his bestfriend. "I'm kidding... kind of, the worst one is Ram. He was Aldertre, he seems to think it's my fault his partner was sent to Wrangel island and he isn't too impressed with you either" Sebestian said with a sign.

"I've only just got here, what could I have done already," Dell asked, spinning on the spot as she dropped the book she was inspecting, unable to resist poking around her friend's office.

"You took his job," Sebestian said with a chuckle at the outraged expression on her face. "He was Victor's second, plus, you do have that effect on people, Dell," he said, howling at the superior expression that spread across her face. Seriously, he had missed her! She was able to make him laugh just without even having to say a wory.

"Looks like I'm gonna have to make this Ram my bitch then," Dell said as she continued to inspect his things. "Make him my assistant Sebestian, might as well really piss him off if he's bitching and complaining already. You know I can't stand the whiney ones" she said, smiling as Sebestian roared with laughter.

"Are you joking?" Sebestian asked as he wiped his eyes. Ram had been a pain in his ass from the second he had arrived, a week earlier. The thought of turning him over to Dell was tempting. If he would do as he was told that is. "None of them listen to me," he said with a frustrated shake of his head.

"Have you gone full Alpha on any of them yet?" Dell asked as she slumped back down in her chair with a scowl. She hated seeing her friend stressed out. He was too young to be hunched over with the weight of the Station on his back.

"I've kept it to a minimum for now," Sebestian said. "I wanted to earn their respect, not their fear" he muttered, thinking back to his time at the Melbourne station and the SA station, the London station, the Hong Kong station before that. He had reformed so many of them they had started calling him the station whisperer, much to Dell delight and his annoyance. He had tried to start out as their friend every time. And failed every time, having to revert to being the ALPHA each time. He had hoped this one would be different.

"Tomorrow morning we are going to call an station-wide meeting," Dell said, ready to wrest some of the responsibilities from her friends' shoulders. "You are going to introduce me to the bunch of reprobates and you're gonna hulk out on them. It's about time they learn who their AAlpha is" she said with an evil grin, which turned into a full-on cackle when he started laughing.

"I've missed you, you crazy bitch" Sebestian said, laughing harder when she jumped up, executing a graceful.

"This crazy bitch is here at your beck and call," Dell said as she straightened up and grabbed the handles of her suitcases. She threw one across the room without warning, testing his reflexes, she laughed when he snagged it out of the air before it could crash into his face. "Come on, you can show me to my royal quarters," she said as she dragged her other suitcase behind her.

"This way your majesty" Sebestian said, leading her through the station, past the scowling faces, to her room. He couldn't stop himself from laughing as she traipsed around the room, deeming it fit for purpose. Things were already starting to look perfect.

"So, what were you growling about when yours truly rocked up?" Dell asked as she flung herself on the bed, leaving the unpacking for later. Her grin faded when she saw the look on his face. She sat up, realising it was time to be serious. She loved playing the joker, but she would end anyone that put that look on her bestfriend fact

"I received a text from Jia this morning," Sebestian said with a sigh. "I told her I wanted to sort this lot out before I tried to get a meeting set up with any of the B-Grade Wolf, apparently she had other ideas though. She set up a meeting with the leader of one the most powerful B-Grade Wolf, the new leader of all B-Grade Wolf in Nigaland, tomorrow on my behalf" he said, wishing he had something to kick

"That was kind of her" Dell said with an eye-roll, her tone dripping with sarcasm. "I love Jia but she sure knows how to throw you in at the deep end," Dot said, feeling sorry for her bestfriend. She had heard of the guy before. Most A-Grade Wolf had, he wasn't exactly known for his tolerance of the their group. She supposed it could only be a good thing Sebestian would be the one to meet him. He could be extremely charming and diplomatic when he needed to be.

"Oh, don't feel sorry for me," he said with a sly grin when he saw the pity on her face. "If I have to meet this person you are coming with me. She has thrown US into the deep end, not me" he said with a chuckle at her grimace, "prepare yourself, Dell, tomorrow, we meet Mr.Allen,learder of Nigaland B-Grade Wolf's" he said with a sigh. This should be fun, he thought sarcastically to himself.

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