"I hate going Alpha on them," Sebestian said as he and Dell crossed the street, both of them activating their power as they walked, they both had a lot "it's the same every time! Can't I just once walk into an station that isn't full of disrespectful assholes?" he asked, rolling his eyes when she smirked.

"You would be out of a job if you walked into an station full of decent hardworking wolfs. Get these for me" Dell said absentmindedly as she yanked the back of her shirt up so he could activate the power on her back. "you should have seen Ram when I escorted him to his room to collect his things. He cried like a baby, muttering about how you left him defenceless against the vampires" she said with a grin as they dodged out of the way of a group of schoolgirls, oblivious to the two Wolfs skirting their group.

"He stole a vampire's fangs!" Sebestian said incredulously, running his luna stone over the left side between her shoulder blades "did he think he could get away with that without facing the consequences, he's lucky I didn't haul his ass off to the Gard, I wouldn't be surprised if Allen demands we turn him over to the B-Grade. How long has this been happening? Seriously, how many of them are involved? I saw several of them pale when we I said their rooms would be searched. What else will turn up?" he asked as he scrubbed a hand through his spiked hair.

"They had almost completed their search when we left, we will find out when we get back," ell said as they turned a corner. "Tell me again why we are meeting the omega in his store and not the station?" she asked, huffing at the pace he set.

"Because the omega refused to come to the station" Sebestian said as they dodged across another road, yanking the back of his own shirt up so she could activate the wings on his back, he had ran out of space on his chest, arms and legs years ago and had had to have her carve a lot of them into his back "He won't set foot in that nest of vipers, I can't say I blame him but it is inconvenient, especially in light of what I found this morning, there's a shitstorm of epic proportions heading our way Dell, I can feel it coming. As Jia said, we need him, we need to make an ally of him before he becomes another giant pain in my ass....."

"Are you okay?" Dell asked when she heard him cut off with a sigh. She watched him as she activated his wings and dropped the hem of his shirt, noting the looseness of his shoulders, the change of his gait, his pace quickening as he walked, she almost had to run to keep up with him.

"Yes, surprisingly enough, I am," Sebestian said. He felt lighter with every step he took, like a huge weight was being lifted from him. The further from the station  they got, the easier it was to breathe. He hadn't realized just how stressed he was until that moment. He smiled when they cut through a park, seeing the children running around, screaming at the top of their lungs.

"Woa, it's been a long time since I've seen you smile like that" Dell said as she grabbed his arm, stopping him in his tracks as she stared at him. "Whats going on?" she asked, taking in his peaceful expression, the relaxed posture and tap of his foot as he grinned at her.

"What?" Sebestiam asked with a grin as he linked his arm through hers and pulled her forward. He had expected to feel more and more stressed out the closer they got to their destination, but he felt the opposite. It was as if something was pulling him in that direction. He felt a.... rightness, like it was where he was meant to be. He laughed when he caught his best-friend watching him. "What? What are you staring at?" he asked.

"you, you're acting weird, when was the last time you were this happy?" she asked when he started whistling. "Did you have some 'alone' time in the shower or something?" she asked, wiggling her eyebrows at him, smiling when he laughed, properly laughed, with all his teeth out. It was her favourite laugh "no seriously though, you look like you're..... free" she said, mashing her eyebrows into a thin line as she described it. It didn't quite seem right, more like he was at peace?

"I feel good," Sebestian said with a shrug as he looked across the street, seeing their destination. The sign said Allen's antiquities and the store was locked up tight, an abandoned look to the place that had him frowning. He saw the glamour fall away as they crossed between a couple of parked cars and stepped onto the sidewalk outside the store they were supposed to be meeting the omega at. It looked inviting he thought as he glanced through the window, seeing a cosy looking soft glow. He glanced back up at the sign to see that it now said Allen's magic emporium. In their world omega's know how to do magic.

"Come on," Sebestian said excitedly, dragging her towards the store, feeling an almost giddy, lightheaded sensation rush through him. He felt his stomach doing somersaults and his heart starting to beat a little faster as he reached for the handle of the door. He had to take a minute to compose himself. What was wrong with him!? Every cell of his body was trying to drag him forward, every single one of his instincts pushing him towards the store. As if there was something vital that he HAD to get to inside. A low growl, full Alpha, rumbled through him when Dell put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him from entering the store. He couldn't stop it from ripping out of him when she spun him on the spot.

Dell took a step back, staring at him when Sebestian growl turned into a full-on snarl. She almost dropped her gaze and bent her neck to him. Almost. It was close, she had to fight her entire body as her head screamed at her to run, to hide, to submit. "Sebestian.... Are you... what... are you...okay?" she stuttered out as her heart raced in her chest making her head pound with the force of the blood rushing through it.

"Dell.... I'm sorry... I don't know what came over me" Sebestian said, he felt like a complete asshole when he saw the muscles in her neck clench with the strain of keeping her head up. "I'm so sorry," he said, hating himself for unleashing himself on her. The careful control he usually held over himself disappearing the second she had tried to stop him entering the store. Even now his eyes kept straying to the door. He desperately wanted turn and walk through that door. It was a need he didn't understand, could barely control.

"Sebestian stop!" Dell said when she saw him start to turn, taking an involuntary step towards the store, she flinched at the glare he directed at her but ploughed on "we need to go in there with a plan, not just barrel in gung-ho. What is wrong with you?" she asked when he tried to turn away again, his eyes fixed on the door. Was he even listening to her?

"Dell, I need to get in there," Sebestian said desperately. The longer they stood outside the more his instincts drove him. It was like a physical pull now, his entire being screaming at him to get into the store, by any means necessary. He didn't even realize he was moving as he spun around and grabbed the handle, yanking the door open and stepping into the threshold before she could stop him.

Every one of Sebestian senses went into overdrive as the scent hit him at a hundred miles an hour, like a brick wall, forcing the air from his lungs as he stopped breathing. His eyes scanned the entire room in one sweep, taking in every detail before his stunned brain could fully comprehend what he was seeing. His body started to shake, his knuckles turning white where he gripped the handle of the door with one hand and the door frame with the other as the scent wrapped around him. He gasped as his straining lungs finally filled with air, forcing his eyes to slam shut as a wave of dizziness crashed through him.

It took his addled brain a moment to catch up with the rest of his body but he almost collapsed in the doorway when it finally did, forcing him forward as it screamed at him. MINE MINE MINE his mind screamed as the scents separated. He took in a deep lungful of air as he sifted through the different notes, his eyes continuing to sweep the empty room as he inhaled. Sandalwood, jasmine, musk and something so primal that it scraped at the deepest parts of him. Worming its way into his heart and burying itself in his soul, Omega. Pure, beautiful, perfect Omega.

His Omega. His mate. The other half of him. His head sagged as the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. His brain screaming at him. MINE. OMEGA. CLAIM. OMEGA. MINE. the words repeating over and over again. He didn't realize he was moving until he looked up. The sound of footsteps breaking through the words pounding through his head. He realized then, the words were not just running through his head, they were pouring from his mouth. His eyes snapped to the curtain next to the counter as it was thrown aside, revealing a doorway.

Allen almost ripped the curtain from its rail, he was so desperate to get to the source of the all-consuming scent that had taken hold of his limbs, forcing him forward, that he was completely oblivious to anything around him. He took no notice of his sister and her mate, following a little more cautiously. He forgot all about his meeting with Sebestian. all he could think of was getting to his mate. After all these years it was finally his turn to find a chance of happiness and a flimsy sheet of material, even if it was an irreplaceable 16th-century family heirloom tapestry gifted to him by Queen Victoria herself, for his  grandfather services in enabling her to bear children, was not going to stand in his way.

Sebestian stopped breathing again when his eyes zeroed in on the man standing in the doorway, breathing hard as he stared right back. Sebestian drunk every detail of him in as the man took a step forward, his entire body shaking. He devoured the black hair, the perfectly arched eyebrows, a tiny little scar in one of them, breaking the perfect symmetry but adding to their perfection rather than detracting. He saw a jaw, so sharp it could cut a diamond at fifty paces. A tall muscular body, his physique plainly obvious even through the white shirt and dark jeans he wore. And his arms! Wow! Sebestian thought as he stared at the man's arms, his forearms exposed where his shirt sleeves were rolled up to the elbows, he was pretty sure he was about to have a heart attack when he saw them. His gaze swept over the wide shoulders and trim waist before his eyes swept back up the man's body to meet his gaze. He stared into those eyes, the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

Allen took an involuntary step forward. He could see nothing but his Alphas beautiful brown eyes, he couldn't tear his gaze from them as his pupils blew and his vision tunnelled. He lost track of the seconds, minutes, hours? As he stood staring at those perfect eyes, the colour of the finest dark Ecuadorian chocolate. He drew a lungful of air into his straining lungs as his gaze swept over the rest of his face, taking in the beautiful deep golden skin tone, the square jaw, the adorable almost triangular shaped eyebrows, the perfect spikes of his mohawk and the most beautiful lips he'd ever seen. He stared at the perfect shape of his cupids bow, almost biting into his own bottom lip when he saw the perfectly proportioned bottom lip quirk up at the corner before his gaze swept back up to land unerringly on those eyes, he couldn't even break eye contact to look at the rest of his Alphas body, he was too lost. He felt his soul settle in place as he stared at the other half of him, as he stared at his home.

Sebestian hadn't realized that either of them had moved until it dawned on him that he could see every colour in the man's  eyes. Multiple shades of brown, more than he realized existed, with an equal amount of shades of green and the odd fleck of grey all mixed together and swirled around a small orange ring, wrapped around each pupil. Pupils that were getting larger by the second as they dilated. He felt the furious beating of his heart and the expansion of his lungs, finally filling with oxygen again as his world fell into place and his soul settled inside him, just in time to hear his Omega to speak.

"Hi, I'm Allen," his Omega said in a sinfully beautiful deep voice that shot right through Sebestian, a dazzling smile breaking through his mates' perfectly plump lips, at the exact same time Sebestian introduced himself, a huge grin almost splitting his face in half.

Sebestian felt his mates breath float over his face, where it was almost pressed against his as the words registered, punching a gaping hole through his lungs as his entire world fell apart.

He had found his mate. His mate was a B- Grade omega. The one thing that, as a A- Grade Wolf, was forbidden to him.

Allen felt as if somebody had shoved a knife into his chest, his heart shattering into a thousand tiny shards when the word Sebestian fell from his mates lips

"FUCK," they said in unison as they stared at each other. Their worlds burning to ash as they each stared at something they wanted so badly, something they each needed so desperately but could never have.

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