Episode 57

"Please, I don't want to die." I heard Kayla's meek whimper.

"Let's spare her. The demons are our true enemies not them." Xander's voice swished past my heart like a cool breeze, which quenched the fire in me.

The guards kicked Hutton away and dragged Kayla away, hitting her each time she struggled to pull away. Hutton rose and attempted to fight them, but was punched, slapped, and bashed till he couldn't rise.

"Lena, please, I beg you..." Hutton's voice kept coming forth under his grunts and deep groans...

Kayla was brought to me, held by both hands and legs, leaving her vulnerable to my strike. Staring at her fragile body, I knew just one hit would send her to her grave instantly.

"Please don't kill me, but if my death will keep him alive, please don't hesitate. I can't live my life without him. I'd rather be the one to die than stay alive while he is killed." Kayla finally spoke out in the strongest voice I'd ever heard. She was really serious.

"Do you love him this much?" I asked,
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