Chapter 72

Stephen’s POV


Her eyes landed on mine, and I could see the need for me in the depth of her beautiful eyes.

“Stephen,” She cried out. “Please stop the pain.”

I climbed onto the bed and reached near her, caressing her face, removing hairs from her face, and in the next moment, she grabbed my neck and slammed her lips against mine while her hand started touching all over my body. I held her hand and broke the kiss.

“Not in this way, Lina.”, I said, shaking my head. “You want me just because of the heat.”, I added, on which she kept looking at me in pain for a while. And then pulled her hand from my grip, flipped our position, and sat on my abdomen. She started grinding her pussy against my cock, but I could feel the thin wet cloth of her panties between her pussy and my cock, and that was irritating the hell out of me.

“I…. I have pills to control the heat, but I waited for you. And do you still think that ….”, She held my hand and made it touch over her thighs “....that I want you bec
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