Chapter 6

Emelia POV

I've woken from my sleep thanks to Ann that is jumping on my bed.

"Come on sleepy head time to wake up. Man, you sleep like the dead. Wake up please we need to leave, so we can do some shopping before you need to leave for work."

"I'm up I promise. So did you make a list?"

"Yes miss sleepy head. I made the list and before you ask I will stop at star bucks on the way to get us some coffee."

"Thank you let me get dressed." It takes me 30min to brush my teeth comb my hair and get dressed. We leave and stop at star bucks. I wait in the car so Ann can run in otherwise we won't finish today. We drive towards furniture Mecca. I know we need beds and kitchenware.

"Good morning ladies how can I help you."

"Well, we are here to shop. We have a whole apartment to decorate to we will tell what we need and you just need to deliver it at the apartment. I will pay for everything before I leave today." I couldn't help but laugh. You see the excitement of commission on his face.

"What do you need first?"

"Please take us to the bed section. I do not want to sleep on the floor."

"This way ladies."

We follow him and we see the beds. We both go our separate way to find a bed that we like. Next, we go in search of couches, and we find one that we both like.

"Tell me how your date went yesterday," Ann asks while we are looking at a dining room set.

"Well in went quite great actually. I really like Keegan. He is fun to be around. I almost ruined the date by bringing up that our boss is his uncle."

"Why do you think you ruined the date with that? It is an observation."

"His parents died when he was small and now he lives with his uncle. I don't think he has let the death of his parent go yet. I think he is still hurting."

"Now I understand but you didn't know. You couldn't have guessed his parents are dead."

"Yeah, I guess so. Well, he did ask me if we can go on a date again so that's something."

We carried on shopping for a few more hours and once we left town we have gotten everything except the kitchenware. Ann told me she will drop me off at home before she will continue shopping. Then she will go to the apartment and wait for all the deliveries. We decided the color scheme for the house should be rustic with earth tones. Most of our furniture is wood. We also picked up some paint for the apartment. We will start painting tomorrow morning.

Ann left as soon as she dropped me off. I need to get ready for work but I'm so tired. I make myself a coffee, luckily I already showered and applied make up this morning otherwise I'm going to be late.

I arrive at work and go to the locker room. I find Keegan there also putting away his things.

''Hey, Em. How was your morning?"

"Morning Kee. It was quite busy. Ann and I went shopping."

"That is nice. Will you like to go out with me tomorrow morning?" I see the hopeful look in his eyes and I see.

"I'm sorry Kee I can't. But I think I know how we can spend time together. Ann and I are moving into an apartment this weekend, and we can use some muscle to help with the heavy lifting and you can help us with painting tomorrow morning."

"I will pick you up tomorrow. I would love to help with the painting of your apartment. I will also bring a friend to help with the heavy lifting this weekend." I'm so happy that I jump into Keegan's arms before I can stop myself. Keegan stumbles a bit when he catches me, and we both begin to laugh. Keegan lowers me.

"I think we need to get to work before someone comes looking for us," I say feeling my cheeks heat up. I walk out of the room and see Amber rushing into the bathroom.

"Amber its Em, are you alright?" I call once I enter the bathroom.

"Em, I think I have food poisoning. A couple of friends and I have been to a sushi place this morning. O I feel like crap." Amber says walking out of one of the stalls.

"Wait here. I'm going to talk to uncle Rave. You need to go home. You can't work like this."

"I can't go home Emelia I need the money."

"If you're worried about the money I will split my tips that I make today with you."

"Thank you, Em. You're a good person. I can't believe I was so nasty with you on your first day."

"Love can make you do horrible things." I smile at her and go in search of uncle Rave. I find him in his office.

"Uncle Rave I think Amber needs to go home. She is in the bathroom throwing up."

"Do you know what wrong? I will phone her mother to come to pick her up."

"Amber thinks its food poisoning. She said she went with her friends to a sushi place."

I leave uncle Rave and go back to the bathroom to check if Amber is okay.

"Ams are you OK? Uncle Rave said he is going to phone your mother to come to pick you up."

"Haven't heard anyone call me that in a long time. You can go back to work Em I will survive."

I smile at her and walk out of the bathroom just to see Aunt Karen Rush into the restaurant looking frantic.

"Aunt Karen, what are you doing here?"

"Where is my baby?" She sees the confused look on my face and continues to speak." Where is Amber?"

"She is in the bathroom."

Aunt Karen rushes towards the bathroom and seconds later she and Amber emerge from the bathroom and out the door. Keegan pulls me aside.

"What was that all about? I saw you speaking to Aunt Karen."

"Amber is sick probably food poisoning. Aunt Karen came to pick her up."

Seeing Aunt Karen so worried brings back all the horrible memories of my parents. Why couldn't my parents be so concerned about me? I haven't spoken to them since I came here. Maybe I should phone my mom tonight after work.

I see a customer and walk towards them to seat them. I don't speak to Keegan for the rest of our shift. We were busy as hell. I have been working here for a few days and it has never been this busy. I suddenly pray for the end of my shift.

I walk into the room. Ann is watching something on her laptop I don't want to tell her what I'm planning, so I walk back outside. I take my phone out of my back pocket and dial my mother's number. She picks up on the second ring.

"Emelia where have you been. Why haven't you phoned us?"

"So my father hasn't told you anything."

"He hasn't been home since you left for university. Why what was he supposed to tell me."

"I heard your argument the day I left mother. I was hurt that is why I haven't phoned you. But don't worry I am fine. I found a job as a waitress at a restaurant. Ann and I are moving into an apartment that her father has bought us."

"Why were you listening to our conversation Emelia? That's not what a lady does."

"You will never change mother. I don't want to be a lady. I want to be a girl whose parents love her. This is the last time I phoned, mother. I will not let you sabotage the life I'm trying to build away from you."

I disconnect the call before my mother can answer me. I feel arms around me. When I look behind me I see Ann and that's when the tears start to flow.

"Let's get you into bed."

We walk into the dorm room. Ann lies down and holds me until the tears stop, and we both fall asleep.

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