Babysitting The Mafia (The Tainted With Blood Series)

Babysitting The Mafia (The Tainted With Blood Series)

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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“You hired me, to babysit a MAN?” Kiara asked glaring at the Russian mafia don who shrugged. His son stood by the door, his arms crossed over his chest as the two men watched the fuming girl in front of them. “I never said ‘babysit’, I merely said ‘keep out of trouble’” the don answered her casually. “He is a man, he would be at least twenty-five…” “I’m twenty-eight, and thank you for noticing that I’m a man” Alessio said stopping her, sarcasm dripping from his voice. “Ah, see, he’s even polite” his father said raising an eyebrow at Kiara who ran her fingers through her hair as she processed the situation she was in. “You told me to take care of your son!” “I never said that he was a kid though…” ******************** It all started with a job offer, one that united two different worlds. A girl who’s father is a federal agent, and a man, who was the future Russian mafia don. Her job was simple, keep the man out of trouble. However, what she didn’t know was that this trouble included him being a killer, one who was out for revenge.

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64 Chapters
“I believe that it is time for our next move” she said looking at the woman who was sitting inside the office. Both women were sent here by their boss to plan the next move, the ultimate move to destroy the Aslanov family. “And that is going to be?” “Her” she said looking at the screen of her laptop. “My daughter?” “Yes, you did a good job destroying the family once. I must admit, no other woman was able to do the damage that you did” she asked looking at the woman “your one challenge in this world would be your own bloodline, right?” “And how do you expect Damien to agree with this? You know, he doesn’t just bring anyone inside the house, let alone beside his children” “True, but with the trouble that Alessio has been causing lately, your little Kiara would be hope to him, at least I’ll do my best for it to be so” she said looking at the blonde girl’s picture “just leave the job up to me, you inform boss of our plan, and let him know
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Chapter 1
Kiara: I sat on my bed searching for a job for what seemed like the thousandth time already. I hated the fact that I graduated but couldn’t prove myself to my dad. The fact that he hasn’t let me work anywhere was known, he didn’t even want me working. But I wanted to work, I didn’t just study to hang my bachelor’s degree on my bedroom’s wall, it was something that dad couldn’t understand. He claimed that none of the places were suitable enough, it annoyed me that he thought that way. It wasn’t until my eyes caught sight of a job offer that intrigued me. Well, at this point any job offer would seem intriguing to me. Despite me not needing to work, my dad was a millionaire, I still wanted to give it a shot. Therefore, dialing the number, it was one from the States, but I didn’t care. “Hello?” A woman answered the phone calmly. “Hello, is this the Aslanov Inc.?” I asked hesitantly. “Yes, what can I do for you?” The woman asked cal
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Chapter 2
Alessio: “He’s in this room, I’ll be waiting for you here if you need anything” I heard dad’s voice through the door making me frown in confusion. I watched as the blonde girl walked inside the office, not bothering to knock the door making me raise an eyebrow and get up from my couch which I was sitting on. I have been sitting in my office as not to be disturbed, quietly pouring a drink in my glass. But it seems that even that is impossible in this house. Rolling my eyes at the girl who wouldn’t be able to save her life for a billion with her lack of focus. She couldn’t even see me sitting in the office, and I was literally sitting on the couch. “What would a kid be doing in here?” The girl asked speaking to herself. I raised an eyebrow at her as I took out my gun and pointed it at her. Knowing that she would need to turn around to leave the office. Might as well scare her off while I’m at it. “Need I ask what you’re doing here? Or do I need
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Chapter 3
Kiara: To say that I was losing my mind would be an understatement. The man was crazy if he thought that I would agree to such a job. “The contract is in your hand, Ms. Kiara. You have both options of signing or leaving. Both would have their consequences, but you’d need to measure which one would be more in your advantage and which would be in your disadvantage” Mr. Damien said looking me in the eye “I’ll give you fifteen minutes to decide. Alessio…” Mr. Damien nodded at his son and the two of them walked out of the office, leaving me alone with my thoughts which felt like they were about to make my brain explode. The fact that the man was right, he brought me here knowing at least that I wouldn’t be able to face my dad if I went home. I read through the contract despite my brain begging me not to, I knew it was being foolish and stupid, that I should just put the papers down and leave. But I wasn’t going to back down now, not when I got this
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Chapter 4
Alessio: “So, boss actually hired a babysitter for you” Ivan asked raising an amused eyebrow at me. I had to fight back punching him in the face for his comment. But he was right to be amused. Hell, I wouldn’t have dropped the subject if it was him dealing with this. “Unfortunately, and the girl didn’t even know that she was handling an adult. You should have seen her expression, she was about to burst into fire. I honestly thought that she would” I rolled my eyes making Ivan laugh. The two of us were at the gym, well, the gym was in the house. But it was still a gym, warming up before we started boxing. I needed something to let my anger out, and it seemed like Ivan was also in the same situation “what’s up with you?” “What do you mean?” Ivan asked frowning in confusion. “Oh, cut it, you’ve been quiet all morning. Not to mention that you barely ate anything, you wouldn’t even engage in any conversation. What’s wrong?” I asked my best friend. I knew t
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Chapter 5
Kiara:I raised an eyebrow at Alessio’s poor attempt of scaring me.The fact that he actually believed that he could frighten me with a single boxing match made me want to laugh. But the man didn’t know who I was, he believed that I was some psychologist that would fear getting punched by a man. However, that was nowhere near being true.I grew up doing so many different sports that people believed that I was to end up being a professional athlete. That wasn’t the case though. Dad had made sure that I trained well, that I knew how to defend myself if needed, and that I could fight even the strongest of men. Why? Well, simply because of who he was. People, weren’t nice, at least that’s what he always told me.He had always been protective as hell about my security and safety. I never understood why he had made sure that I trained when he always had someone behind me watching over my back, and even when I did question the fact,
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Chapter 6
Alessio: Three inch? She just literally claimed that I’m three inched? Well, she’ll know what three inches are when I’m shoved deep inside her! I put my tapped my fingers against the table as we sat on the dining table for dinner. Little miss know it all decided to go out, therefore, I couldn’t technically give her a piece of my mind yet. However, I wasn’t going to, not yet anyway. She would be begging for it. I would be sure of that. “What’s gotten your panties in a twist?” Ivan asked raising an eyebrow at me. Natasha sat by his side as the two obviously made up. I was glad that they did, the fact that they were fighting was something that no one liked in the house, especially after all this time. “He couldn’t accept that his babysitter claimed that she wouldn’t be turned on by his three inched dick” Arda said making dad choke on his drink. His eyes widened in surprise and I could tell that he was fighting back a laugh which m
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Chapter 7
Kiara: “Alessio, the woman left you alone for an hour on her first day. For fucking crying out loud!” I heard Mr. Damien snap at his son, I had just entered the house having come back from walking around a few cafés, none of them had caught my attention. Therefore, I decided to go back to the Estate “I swear, I don’t even know how you’re my heir of all of this…” “You are not taking action, you are not doing anything to avenge mom. I will not let her blood go in vain, I told you once and I will tell you again, every man who comes in my way from that bastard’s side is a dead man before he even blinks…” “You are a…” “You don’t need to remind me of who I am, it is me who has to remind you of who you are. The seat you’re sitting on and your position doesn’t require you to be a pussy!” Alessio snapped. My eyes widened at his choice of words, the two were yelling in the living room, their voices so loud that everyone in the house was quiet. I didn’t dare mak
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Chapter 8
Alessio:“Where do you think you’re going?” Dad asked the second he saw me walking out of the dining room this morning. I have been ignoring him since last night and he has been making sure to avoid me since. He wouldn’t even join us on the table, and everyone in the house knew that I didn’t want to look at or speak to him, and I knew that the feelings were mutual. The two of us had been like that for years now, and the older I grew, the harder it was for dad to hold control over me. Knowing it was wrong didn’t mean that I made matters any easier for him. The older I grew, the more creative I got with the revenge that I wanted to take, that was something that he didn’t understand. Well, maybe he did, he just didn’t want to think about it. His son was supposed to be under HIS control, therefore, if it was heard that he couldn’t control his own son. Things could and would get out of hand, but I wasn’t as dumb as not to
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Chapter 9
Kiara: To say that these men were scaring me with each passing second wouldn’t be a lie. Alessio kept his eyes on me throughout the entire drive as to study my body language, but having learned how to deal in such situations. I managed to keep myself as calm and quiet as I could as not to stir the man, or give him any hints of fear which he could hold against me. “Where are we going?” I asked after a few minutes of silence. I was trying to process the danger that I was in, the fact that Alessio knew that he could hurt me didn’t escape my mind. The man was three times my size, and not to mention that he wasn’t alone. The three men could kill me in a second if they put their minds to it. Just the thought of that made me look out the window as I thought of the dangerous game that I was playing. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. Nonetheless, there was no turning back now. I needed to do this, I wanted to prove to myself and dad that I can d
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