Compensate me with your body

Tring! Tring! Tring!

The sound of the alarm wakes her up. She groans and moves to her side. It hurts everywhere, especially her lower body part. She has a headache. I sit up, clutching my head. A bad hangover. She covers her eyes and climbs down the bed. She wants to sleep more.

Suddenly, a pair of hands grab her from behind, pulling her toward backward before she can react. Someone moves his leg over her legs to prevent her from moving. Something hard pokes her butt. She blinks three times before her frozen mind starts working. What happened last night?

Blank. Completely blank. She doesn't remember anything after she ran away from the wedding hall. Did she drink too much last night? Damn! Who is this man? She is completely being used as a pillow. He rests his chin on the top of her head. His little brother keeps poking her. To her surprise, the man suddenly lifts her one leg and thrusts himself inside her. She screams, "Wait! What are you doing in the morning?"

Do Sejin, who is half asleep and half awake, is startled by her scream. Why is she screaming in the morning? His hip doesn't stop moving. He pulls her face and kisses her mouth to stop her from being loud in the morning. Kissing is the best way to shut up a woman.

Ahn Hana, who is still trying to understand what is going on, can't even scream now. She struggles to move, but the pleasure makes her weak. He pinches her nipples as he rams his cock inside her. He bites her tongue when it doesn't cooperate. He lets go of her breasts and rubs her clit hard. Ahn Hana blanks out and moans. Her mind is high on ecstasy. This doesn't know this man. She doesn't remember how he is in the bed with her, but she moans for him to keep fucking her like a slut.

When they are done, she slowly turns around and looks at him. Her brain freezes for the second time when she sees his face. Though he is certainly taller and his dick is firm, this person is clearly not an adult.

Did she just fuck an underaged boy?

"How old are you?" She sits up abruptly. "Are you a high schooler? How did you end up in my bed?"

Do Sejin is quite familiar with her expression. She is mistaking him to be an underaged person. But, that's not what bothers him. It's her third question that bothers him a lot. Did she not remember how he ended up in her bed?

"You don't remember?" He asks her quietly.

She shakes her head. "Tell me that you are an adult."

Though he looks calm, Do Sejin is resisting the urge to choke her. There has never been a time when a woman forgot the night after spending it with him. On top of that, he worked really hard on her to give her the best orgasms. She should be his best work. But, she dared to forget it all. Now, she looks disgusted, ashamed, and guilty.

She deserves punishment. He decides to tease her a bit.


Ahn Hana stares at him blankly. Seventeen. Seventeen. Seventeen. He is underaged. Ahn Hana, the lawyer, knows the charges. It doesn't even matter if they did it consensually. She is the older one. If anyone ever finds out that the 31 years old lawyer has slept with a 17 years old boy, her career will be over. She looks at the pieces of evidence on his body and makes a plan.

"Kid." Ahn Hana does exactly what she shouldn't have. "I will bath you. After that, you can go home."

Do Sejin grits his teeth. How dare she calls him a kid after having sex with him? She wants him to have a bath to clean off her DNA on his body. She is totally treating him like a kid.

"Lady, you abducted me last night from the streets. You r.a.p.e.d. me all night to satisfy yourself. You took my virginity and ate me dry." His every word stabs her heart with shame. "Because you couldn't get married, you treated me like a bride and forced yourself on me. You sat on the top of me and rode me until I cried. I was saving myself for my real wedding night."

Ahn Hana opens her mouth, but no words come out. Do Sejin looks at her with raw pain in his eyes, "You said that if I didn't follow your orders, you would cut my dick with the scissors. You forced me to make a video of you riding me. You even sent it to other people."

"I did what?" Her mouth becomes dry when she hears him say that. Do Sejin is now sure that she remembers nothing. This idiotic woman has forgotten the last night. He plays the recording on his phone and shows it to her.

Ahn Hana sees herself dancing on this poor boy's dick wildly. She starts biting her nails when she sees that she forwarded this message to her ex-fiance. Forget DNA. This video is already a piece of clear evidence. She is doomed.

"You ordered me to have sex with you after you wake up." Do Sejin looks down. Tears fall from his eyes. "You said that you own my penis now. If I didn't do it, you would chop my balls off."

"..." The video, the boy's expression, and the pieces of her dress on the floor make all of her doubts fly away. She is the desperate evil culprit who has wronged this boy.

"Kid, don't cry." Ahn Hana reaches for him, but he starts sobbing. She doesn't know what to do. She takes a deep breath and says, "What's done is done. Since I have done this, I will take responsibility. Tell me how much do you want. I will write the check."

Instead of apologizing, this fool is offering him money. Do Sejin is pissed off. Is he a whore now?

"Will you compensate me?" He peeks at her. Ahn Hana's heart palpitates when she sees his expression. Aish! she is really a bad person. How could she do this to a young boy like him? He isn't even her type.

"Yes." Ahn Hana gives him a firm nod. "Tell me the digits."

"You have taken away my chastity." He pauses and sighs. "I can't get it back. You have harassed me mentally and physically. Now that I have eaten the forbidden fruit, I am afraid that I won't be able to concentrate properly in my studies now. I am in the final year of high school. It's a crucial time. I have to study hard to prepare for college admission tests. My parents will be upset if I don't perform well."

Ahn Hana smiles at him. "Do you want me to arrange a good prep school for you? Perhaps, I can help you crack the admission test. I have studied at the top national university. I am a lawyer. I am the best in my field. You can trust my abilities."

"I don't want that. My parents have enough money to send me to prep school." Do Sejin wants to laugh, but he can't. He is also a law student. "Lady, I want you to compensate me with your body."

"What?" Ahn Hana glares at him. "We can't do that."

"Then, I should report your crimes. Enjoy the prison." He glares back at her.

"Listen." She lowers her voice. "If you want more sex, you should get a girlfriend. You can take a lot of money from me. I have a lot, believe me. You can even call the girls who offer sex services. Take the money and live your life."

He smiles at her. Ahn Hana smiles back. This kid will take her offer and leave her alone. Nobody can refuse money, right?

"I will see you later in court." He climbs off the bed, ready to leave without a glance. He obviously can't take this to court. However, this woman doesn't know that. She would be in agony while waiting for the cops for days. Perfect punishment for her.

Ahn Hana grabs his wrist. "Okay, I will do what you want."

He turns around. He has half expected this reaction. She is quick to make decisions. "Really?

"We need to set a limit." She pulls him back to the bed. "I can't forever sleep with you."

Of course, the truth is likely to come out sooner or later. He smiles happily.

"How about a month?"

"A month?" She gives him a thoughtful look. She is glad that he didn't say a year or until the admission tests. She doesn't want to be his stress outlet. "Okay."

"I want breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks." He smiles inwardly when he sees her falling in his trap.

She frowns. Is this kid hungry now? Does he just want food for a month? "You want food? Wait, I will prepare breakfast for you now."

"You will be my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks." He pins her down underneath him. "Whenever I come to you, you should let me have my meals."

She is speechless for a moment. This kid is surely a greedy person. She wants to beat the crap out of him. Ahn Hana scowls at him. "Kid, stay within your limits. You have school and I have work. I can't be with you all the time."

"Then, I will have my meals after you come back from work." He shifts closer to her. "Don't worry. I often stay out of the home to study at the library. My parents don't care as long as I get good scores on the test. I will spend the time here to take my compensation daily."

Ahn Hana is wondering how she picked up this shameless person. Of all the men in the world, she had to pick up a lustful seventeen years old boy.

"Do you really promise to leave quietly after a month?" She asks him.

"I promise." He murmurs to her before eating his breakfast.

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