Chapter 1

Third person's pov. 

"Ahhhhhhh" A scream left the male vampire's lips as both the Kings of supernatural, the beast kings ripped his both fangs apart.

The vampire's back became a bloodied mess from all the torture he was suffering. Ripping a Vampire's fangs means stripping him from his title, from his the vampire clan. 

He layed there on the cold dirty floor with his both legs somewhere far yet near to him. The Beast kings has ripped his both legs apart. Tossing them in the corner of the room as if they are just some used clothes. Blood continued to flow from his thighs from where his legs have been ripped apart. 

He had brutal claw marking all over his body and face leaving a permanent marks behind it. His nails have been ripped apart while some fingers were missing. 

Any person would have feel mercy for the tortured vampire but the Beast kings didn't. 

They never felt it because they themselves were the monsters. A sadist beast they are. They enjoyed the pain of other people. The scream of people is a pleasure to their hears. Their fear is like a sweet smell to them, highly addicting. There begging are like music to them. 

"P-ple-ease fo-org-giv-ve me-e k-ings" Came out broken pleading from his mouth because of all the pain he in. His body felt as if he was burned in fire which is the worst thing experienced by a vampire. It could even take their life. The vampire knew why he felt like this. It was the result of all the clawing which the beast kings as done to him. 

The beast kings claws as poison in it. If touched by anyone then will they die in few minutes. Everyone in the supernatural World knew it expect for humans. 

Humans are treated like slaves by the supernaturals. Sometimes humans are even treated much more worse by slaves. The existence of humans is just like dust for them. They are just some flithy creatures who don't deserves to be alive. But they can't kill them. Humans are kept alive just because they can be there slaves, if not they would have been dead by now. 

Humans are also used as bloodbank by the vampires. The vaimpires can drink there blood anytime they want. The humans have no say in it. If some human protest they will be killed immediately after being tortured. 

The vampire knew that his end was near. The poison from the kings claws will definitely kill him. It will only take one-two minute for the poison to kill him. The poison from the Kings claws can kill a person if just touch by it. And here he is all ripped by both the Kings claws. 

He didn't knew that his one mistake would have cost him this much. His one mistake cost him his life. Not only it ruined his life, it also ruined the life of his family members. His family will suffer too because of his mistake. 

No not a mistake. It's a sin. A sin which he committed. He committed the most punishable sin of the world. 

He dared to talk about the Queen. He dared to mention her when he knows how much of sin it is. Even the humans know not to talk about the Queen. The beast kings don't like others thinking about there Queen much less talking about them. 

Even if they don't have a Queen now. Even if they don't know who their Queen is. Even if they don't know if the Queen is born or not. Even if they don't know if they will ever have a Queen or not. 

Talking about her is a sin. Only the beast kings have the right to think about her, to talk about her. No one else have this right. 

No one. 

The whole world knew how much possessive and protective both the Kings are about their Queen. Though they still don't know who their Queen is, Or if they will ever have a Queen or not. 

Many people says that the beast Kings will never have a mate. They will never have her. 

But the Kings believe otherwise. They knew that they had no chance of having a mate. They are so ruthless, so cruel, so savage at the moon goddess gave them no mate. They have killed thousands and thousands of people. Not hesitating if they are killing old people, womens or even children's. But they still hoped. 

They hoped that they will have mate. They hoped that they will have a mate just like any normal supernatural. They hoped that they will have a mate who will love them. They hoped that they will have a mate who will care for them. They hoped that they will have a mate who will get worried for them. They hoped that they will have a mate who won't fear them

They just hoped. 

A hope which they didn't want to loose. 

They knew with all the sins they gave done, they won't get a mate. 

But they think different. They knew somewhere in their heart that they will have a mate. Even if they knew there are no chances of having a mate, they still hold on to the string of hope they have in their heart. 

With a last glance at the vampire, the beast kings ripped apart his head. The vampire who dared to mention their Queen. 

No one messes with them. 

No one messes with their future Queen. 

The vampire's body layed there with his face away from it's body. If its called a body. It was just the portion of his neck to the thighs which was lying there. His face a few distance away from him. The light in the vampire's eyes missing as he starred  at nothing. Confirming that he was indeed dead. 

He dared to commit a sin and he suffered for it. 

After all taking about the Queen is a sin and he is a sinner for doing it. 


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Heidi Galea
I tried to read this book because it sounded good, but I couldn't get past the first chapter. Good luck to you Author!
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Alisha B
Grammar is poor. I don't think I will be able to read more. Too many grammar errors messes up the story for me.
goodnovel comment avatar
Ruquyyah Mayers
I just started and it is really good, like that you explain very thing.

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