Ch19: Caught in a disguise

Orlando reached the moderately decent motel that has been booked ahead for his work. Without much time being wasted he walked inside the motel and went upstairs to his rented room to get ready for another day at the job. Orlando always had been a fan for expensive, posh, catchy luxuries but for the sake of his non-job ‘the spy job’ he couldn’t spend the privilege as he wanted, not that he hated being a spy but the odds that came with it could be very inconvenient.

After properly wearing his disguise which consists of a fake nose, blonde wig glued temporarily to his head, blue contact lens, and a voice modulator beneath his throat that was concealed with the collar of his cream shirt. Orlando packed the previous clothes he wore arranging them inside the black bag and hiding it safely behind the wall of the rented room.

He did a recheck in front of the portrait mirror to make sure his disguise was in place, he wasn’t signing up to be caught in his

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