Ethan was not too pleased with his growing attraction for Camilla. He had promised himself that he would never have his heart flip for another woman since, after his wife's death, he was supposed to only love Vanessa after all we were only supposed to fall in love once. But here he was almost betraying her, he had to really try hard before he could remember her face. And this was not supposed to happen, he was not supposed to feel lesser of his grief, he was supposed to honor her memory by remaining in his pain forever, missing and pinning for her always, it had worked for almost four years, but things were beginning to change and even more since Camilla came into his life.

Taking a deep puff at his cigarette that hung loosely between his fingers, he watched as the sexy dancer swung her slim body around the pole. Her kinky ginger hair tied into a bun stood like a pineapple over her head.

Her dance moves kept him mesmerized, he stood transfixed watching her move around the
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