You make me wanna

If flirting with me was what Ethan wanted then so be it Margeret told herself. She was not about to give up the attention he was giving her. Not that she was short of getting men to pay her attention, but Ethan was in a different league. He was rich, famous, and had the body of Zeus, the Greek god. He was also married and open to possible romance which made it more intriguing, the last time she had an affair with a married man was right after she finished college and needed extra cash to help with the little she earned. Now she was self-made and even at that, she needed some excitement in her life and Margeret felt that Ethan was the answer to that.



"You are still awake." Ethan sneered as he walked into his room, at almost past two. He was a bit drunk which was unlike him and his gait was not steady.

He had gone farther than he planned to do with Margaret, they shared a kiss or two. Sharing a kiss was not Ethan's reason for being angry he was angr
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