Lizzy 's Story 3

"We've checked everyone" Joyce said as Grace folded her arms. 

"To think that, that idiot was trying to make moves on Demola. How dare her?" Grace asked angrily as her friends started spiting the other girl. 

Following the advice her friends had given, Grace had met every girl in their department asking to see their conversation with Demola. Some of them were reluctant at first but latter gave in and none of them had ambigious relationship with Demola until they had approached one of the girls, Kanu Adanma. 

The latter had stubbornly refused to let them even check her phone leading the girls to even suspect her more. After imploring the services of her friends to check her phone, Grace received screenshots of Adanma trying to hit on Demola. 

Infuriated, she had gone to her room to insult her and they had thrown words at each other almost even beating the poor girl. 


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