95 - Deaden

Her leg ached, badly, even though Anzi had done nothing at all to strain it. Her only labor since morning after leaving Ash’s dominion was to perform the crudest half-surgeries known to man on a handful of Kai’s warriors, and she had been kneeling for most of that. Her body couldn’t be so weak, could it? Or was she imagining it all because of the fatigue and the haunting sensations of feeling warm flesh pull apart under her fingers as she searched for poison no one else could touch? What was this strange new world she had plummeted into with no preparation, no wisdom, nothing at all?

No—she had Kai, who pulled her close and kissed her on the brow before letting her go so she could walk to meet Ash. She had Letti and Oza here in the camp on the other end of it, safe and sound. Netra and Serqet were here too, thank to Kai’s tribesmen who had brought them here instead of abandoning them. Had Anzi remembered to thank anyone for that? Maybe she didn’t have t

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Mother of Gremlin
anzi is kind of starting to get on my nerves. she has people that are older and more wise and understand who she is telling her things and she doesn't believe them. she needs to get over that she is always right. she will always be alone thinking that way
goodnovel comment avatar
my head is again full of theories...some of them very far fetched!🙂🙃🥴😁
goodnovel comment avatar
I wonder what else The Prince can do? What if some of what he can do will conflict with Anzi and their ultimate goal liberating the Empire & world of Tet🤔🤔

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