Meeting the team


(When the demon comes knocking )

Horror, obsessed, supernatural and paranormal 

By favy18


                   Episode 6

It was finally the next day but trust me I wasn't a bit excited at all... 

I couldn't sleep throughout the night.... I felt all different emotions running through my mind 

I tried calling my sister but the reception here in hangur isn't just too terrible 

Sluggishly getting myself prepared for school, I was able to finally get dressed and apply a little bit of makeup to cover my dark eyelines 

I walk downstairs and meet my parents already seated in the dinning but something felt strange 

They all looked different with huge dark budge under their eyes 

My mum look tired but angry, while dad look tired and frustrated 

They both sat far from each other as dad kept stealing glances at mum 

"Good morning mum, dad!! "I greeted exhausted while dad sent me a weak smile and mum smiled widely 

"How is ur health baby? "She asked and I nodded with a slight smile 

"Am better mum! "

"Why do you look so exhausted? "Dad asked worriedly earning a scoff from mum

"Like you care! "

"I do care Callie, she is also my daughter for goodness sake! "Dad yelled angrily 

"Don't you dare raise ur voice at me Luke else you will regret it! "

"Then stop acting like an immature child!! "

"How dare you say that to me Luke??? how dare you, you are the major cause of our problem you domon!! "Mum yelled back and I felt a sharp headache because of the word 'Demon'

"You are the demon Callie! "

"No you are the demon, a man who calls his own child possses is a demon! "She yelled making me bang the dinning table frustrated 

They both went stiff in shock staring at me 

"Am going to school! "I uttered and walk out 

"Baby "

"Sunshine "

I heard both their calls but didn't stop, soon I could hear their argument

This was the first time my parents have ever fought 

They usually have issues but tend to settle it that same day 

I hate it when they fight 

It is frustrating, annoying and heartbreaking 

I knew it isn't their fault anyway 

That demon of a mother is the one manipulating them 

I heard a car horn from behind me, I turned sharply to find aunt sarah staring at me worriedly 

"Carmella dear, are you okay? "She asked but I just stared at her blankly 

"Oh dear, come inside the car, I will drop you off at school! " She urged and I nodded silently getting into the car 

We set off as she kept staring at me 

"You look tired dear!"She said and I smiled a bit but didn't reply 

"Had a rough night? "

"I couldn't sleep! "I said and she frowned 

"So sorry dear, something on ur mind? "She asked and I shook my head staring outside the window

"Don't want to talk about it? I get it! "She said and went silent 

"How long have you been in hangur ma? "I asked and she smiled a bit 

"About 3 years now.....! we relocated here because they transferred my husband here! "She replied smiling warmly and I nodded 

"At first I felt bothered, because the name hangur doesn't ring a bell in my head, but when we got here, I fell in love with this town, nice environment, nice school and nice people !"She said making me frown 

How can such a place be nice??? 

"Do you know the meaning of hangur ma'am? "I asked watching her expression through the side mirror 

Her face changed a little bit but went back to its normal smiling face 

"No one knows there.... the mayor said it was found by a group of unknown people! "She said making me nod..... 

"Hmm... "

"What's wrong dear, you don't like the place? "She asked looking worried and I shook my head 

"I do like the place, it has a nice environment and nice people as you said but something feels strange! "

"Strange??? "

"Yes strange....! "I said moving a bit closer to her 

"Mrs Sarah..... don't tell anyone but I think this town is filled with demons..... I keep seeing them! "I said whispering in to her ears and a huge frown came upon her face 

"Really??? maybe you are seeing things dear! "She said making me smirk 

"No am not! "I said and turned the steering wheel to hit a pole abruptly stopping the car 

I quickly got down with injuries all over my body 

Mrs Sarah also got down looking shocked 

"What is wrong with you Carmella? Did you want to kill us? "She yelled in anger while I just smirk 

"Only humans should bother about death, demons are already dead! "I said holding a piece of the broken glass window tight 

Her angry face slowly turn to a smirk 

"Carmella dear, how did you find out? "

"Well for starters, ur definition of hangur is stupid afterall hangur doesn't have a mayor and second you don't seem surprise when I talked about demons! "I said and she smiled 

"In that case then, no need to hide! "She said and her face slowly switch to that of a demon ....

Her eyes became red as hell and her face cracked into different side 

Her eyes were huge and disgusting and her red lips became dark 

Her outfit also change to that of a nun!!!! 

I have never been this scared in my life 

"You know you are smart, but it is not good to be this smart for a little girl like you! "She said in a scary huge demonic voice unlike her usual soft voice 

"Come! I will take you to ur mother ! "She said raising her hand to me 

"Fuck you bitch!!! "I yelled and tried to attack her with the broken glass 

She disappeared and reappeared behind me 

"Tsk tsk, little girl you are really funny, trying to attack a demon with a glass,! "She said and immediately all the broken glasses on the ground raised up to her command 

My heart went pounding in shock 

Was this real or a dream!!! 

Her lips track into a demonic smile 

"Welcome to hangur huntress! "She said and all the glass immediately moved to my direction 

I closed my eyes tightly expecting death when I heard a familiar voice yelling at me 

"Get the fuck up! "

"Angela! "I said weakly and she frown 

My vision was geting blurr but I could see 5 other teens like me fighting mrs Sarah 

I immediately collapsed on the floor with mrs Sarah's terrifying screams trailing into my ears 


I felt my head pounding like I was running a marathon race 

My heart beat kept pumping blood faster than normal and my temperature felt too hot 

"Damn Maria, Do something! "I heard a male's voice yell 

"Don't fucking yell at me Justin, am trying my best here okay! "A female voice yelled back 

"What's going on with her?? "Another female asked 

"I don't know okay!! I don't know what the demons gave to her! "The other voice yelled 

"Everyone please let her concentrate! "I heard Angela's familiar voice before I lost consciousness again

When I woke up..... my head had stopped pounding and both my heartbeat and temperature had gone down 

I only felt my throat dry and my waist a bit sore 

I stood up and walk towards the water tank close to me then fetch a cup and pour myself some water before drinking 

I felt really relief after drinking 

I took my time to look around the small room 

It was small, had only a bed and the water tank 

I came outside and saw two teens my age training and wrestling each other 

As if feeling my presence, they all turned to stare at me in shock and disbelief 

"Ermm hello!! "I said waving my hand 

"I thought Maria said she was going to recover in two months?? "A guy with the blonde hair and green eyes asked the other girl with a dark hair but purple eyes 

"I have no idea what is going on....! "She replied staring at me with her mouth widely opened 

"Maria!!! "The boy yelled loudly which made me close my ear for the fear of him damaging my ear buds 

"Can you stop screaming like a freak, am not deaf you know! "A girl with pink hair yelled back glaring angrily at the boy 

"I thought you said she would wake up in two months? "The purple eyed girl said in shock and the Maria frown turning to look at my direction 

I waved at her with a little smile 

Her eyes were pink just like her hair 

Her mouth dropped down as her eyes went wide opened in shock 

She almost fell down staggering 

"Ho....w is this poss......ible ???"She asked staring at me in disbelief 

"Well we should ask you dummy, aren't you the doctor here? "The guy with the blonde hair replied sarcastically but the girl was still in shock to reply him back 

"We need to gather everyone here! "The maria girl said and the purple eye girl quickly ran to call everyone I guess..... 

I felt kinda weak standing for long, I looked around, and I sighted a bench 

"Can I seat? "I asked and the boy nodded, I smiled and sat down..... 

"Hey dummy, shouldn't you check her?? "The boy asked sarcastically to the maria girl but she didn't respond only observing me 

I felt kinda creep out with her stare 

I suddenly felt weak, and I laid down to rest ,I didn't know when I slept off..... 

When I opened my eyes, I felt 3 pair of strange eyes staring at me curiously 

I yelled in shock and fear and they also jump up in fright 

"I told you guys to give her some space! "A voice said and u turned to see the most handsome guy I have ever seen in my life throwing pebbles into a river 

If angels were on earth, then trust me he was certainly one....

His hair was jet black, his eyes were dark but staring into them could make you feel lost 

His lips were pink and small making you want to bite them passionately 

His face was curved in the image of God.... his voice..... so deep and enchanting 

Damn he was beautiful!!!! 

"Move away dummies! "I heard a familiar voice and I smiled happily 

"Angela!!! "I yelled hugging her passionately 

"I never thought we were this close?? "She sighed but hugged me back 

"Am just so relief to see a familiar face!! "I said and she smiled 

"Seat and let Maria take a look at ur body temperature! "

I sat down and let the pink eye girl called maria do her random check up on me 

"She is fine..... body temperature is normal same as her heartbeat and brain! " She said and everyone sighed in relief as silence lingered 

"Meet the team Carmella! " Angela said pointing to the pink eye girl

"That's Maria, she is our doctor but also a white witch ! "She introduced and I nodded 

I have seen a demon, so knowing a white witch exist doesn't scare me 

"That is Justin, he is a werewolf! "She said pointing to the green eye guy who wink at me while I just smiled 

"That's Justina, his twin! Also a werewolf "She said pointing to the beautiful purple eyes shy girl behind him ,she waved at me and I wave back 

"That's ava, She is a demon..... but partially, she is also a witch a kinda good one! "Angela said and I turned to the Eva who stared at me with her red eyes 

She smirked making me shiver 

"This is Kim.... he is our spy, he is a fairy! "She said pointing to another guy with cute glasses 

He had yellow eyes which made him seductively 

He smiled softly and I returned the smile 

"And lastly this is Asher.... he is angel,but.... has many other abilities more than the rest of us! "She said introducing the guy with the dark eyes 

I stared at him but he never looked at my direction even once! 

His concentration was on throwing pebbles into the river 

"Hello everyone, am Carmella...! "I introduced 

"Yes we know.... you,For a girl at ur size, you are really brave trying to take on a demon with a broken glass! "Kim said with a soft smile while ava scoff 

"So this is the chosen huntress, so far I think you are really dumb! "Ava said making me frown 

"Ava be nice! "Justina scolded shyly while ava scoff turning her face to the other side 

I don't think she likes me that much

"That's enough, can we now talk about why she is awake and healthy without any complications? "Justin asked making me frown 

"Why I am healthy???I don't understand, what's going on??? "I asked looking at Angela but she just sighed 

"Don't freak out.... but we think the demons have a drop of ur blood! "She said and I stared at her confused 

"I don't understand? So??? "I asked and ava scoff 

"A drop of ur blood is dangerous Carmella, it can lead to the beginning of the ritual! "Justina said making me frown 

"What ritual? "I asked looking like a dummy 

"The ritual of the huntress, for the demons to rule the earth, they have to sacrifice the blood of a true angel and the blood of a true huntress! "A deep voice replied and I turned to stare at Asher 

"A True Blood of a angel and huntress? "I muttered confused when it suddenly hit me 

I stared at Asher in shock 

"Yo.....u y....ou you?"

"Yes Carmella, both you and asher blood is needed for this sacrifice! " Angela confirmed dropping the bomb on me......!!! 


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