By:  Ntinu Emmanuel  Ongoing
Language: English
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A fictional world set in our reality, wherein, when a person dies, they continue their life in an exact replica of the initial world, with no memory of what had happened previously. In this world, there are individuals, glitches if you will, that retain their memory when the shifting of reality occurs. These people are called primes. The Primes are created from the longing of existence (child- Infinity) trying to defeat its mother (grand-mother), nothingness. This brings in the main character, Jude, the key in bringing the salvation that existence requires. However, nothingness was able to infect some primes, called finite.... who want one thing only, to cut the natural, infinite flow of reality, and lead us back to the path of nothingness.

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10 Chapters
Chapter 1- Once upon A time
 Death is inevitable… Well, to most people.What if I told you that just like time, Death is a human concept. A myth, and non-existent. That life is infinite, never ending, and a continuous cycle.Do I have your attention? Good. Let me tell you a story.“Once upon a time….” CHAPTER 1- Once upon a Time“Jude, get your ass over here”, my elder brother, James, shouted.“Bro, I’m coming” I said as I ran.We were late for church, and our parents were not going to accept that. It was a race against time. We ran as fast as we could to make it within the time left, else, our ears would hear things that could make two sixteen-year-old boys cry.
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CHAPTER 2- Initiation
CHAPTER 2- Initiation Awestruck! That's the best way to describe how I felt after learning about the Primes. That, I was a Prime.  It was incredible, nothing short of a miracle, and weird. I really didn't know how to feel about every detail.   Okay....  For instance, if we never die, but are reborn in an exact replica, aren't we still dead in the previous copy? What happens when we get old and die? Wait....  What would happen to a prime when they get old? These were questions I had, but in all honesty...  I wasn't hasty for an answer.  "Bro, Bro" my brother said as he banged on my door.  We were escorted to our rooms after the overwhelming welcome we got earlier....  a day ago. And Man! The room was other-worldly.  I was already adorned wi
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CHAPTER 3- My Brother, Myself
Chapter 3- My Brother, MyselfI found myself in a bright white room, with an odd-looking black pond, a few inches away from my feet.“Hey, over here kid” said Master Sho at the far end of the room.I was about to hop through the pond, when Sho shouted; “Jude, no no no! Move back slowly, very slowly”I was confused, but I listened. I took very slow paces backward as the pond leaked out. The further I moved, the closer the black liquid came. I picked up my pace and so did it.“Master Sho, it’s moving!” I screamed.“Just keep moving back,” he replied.Suddenly, the black substance caught my left leg. I trie
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Chapter 4- Mother
CHAPTER 4- Mother “I struggled not this time, I basked. Basked in the emptiness of the black void, the thick ooze. I accepted it like my own, yeah, it was me. But still, I hated it. I had regret. Regret in my seeming peace. Slowly, I was enveloped with anger, then from its opus, my heart had rage. Resentment caved in and I could see it, the black void. I was no more in it, but of it.”    “Welcome back boy”, said Sho. “Huh”, I thought “Looks like infinity chose you” he continued. “Choose me how?” I asked. “You expressed justice, while your brother was vile. Infinity will always stay on the side of good” he answered. “you mean….”
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Chapter 5- The Base
Chapter 5- The Base There he was, Master Sho, boiling like water again…… His eyes were white, as he held the Rockshire's arm. The body of the Rockshire was enveloped with white lines as the rumble settled. Sho leaned closer to him as he struggled. “Tell me, how did you get here, Jamen? Or I’ll force that information out of you”, Sho commanded. “You can never know anything, because it is too late, another will come for the boy as I go to the void.” Sho hurriedly pulled him closer, but he was right. His body was fading away; his torso was gone, apparently gone into the void. And as Sho looked up to question him again, his head vanished. All that was left was his midsection, which also faded away in seconds. I was afraid, and terrified. Sho stoo
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CHAPTER 6- The Base Part 2
CHAPTER 6- The Base Part 2 "Yashin" Craya called "Yashin, bring up the old portal, this child isn't ready yet" she said "Prime Craya, you know of the dangers of the gate, dying is more effective. Just run the boy through if he can't" replied Yashin. My eyes squinted, my heart rate increased. Craya's deep green eyes looked at me scared....  "We will take the gate Yashin" she said as another creature fell to the ground.  There was a rumble and the weapons on the floor were engulfed by a huge gaping white hole....  "Take note, the gate cannot carry you into the fixed point where all primes are within the Base. Take note, that you are at r
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Chapter 7- Unknown Past
Chapter 7- Unknown Past “I am so sorry son” said a voice, as brown smoke emerged within the space. “He cried…. Meaning he doesn’t want this, yet you proceed” said Craya “No great Xzar, it is part of the human mating ritual.” Replied Jazer “Then why is your order realm binding him?!” she asked angrily “Stay back Xzar, or I will chop off his appendage I have within me” shouted Jazer.  They were afraid and rightly so, as Craya’s clouds grew dark striking all four of them with bolts of lightning, knocking them out. The dark clouds turned brown again and she gathered herself towards me, putting on my clothes.
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Chapter 8- Althemia
Chapter 8- Althemia  “Why must bad things keep happening?” I thought, as some tears rolled from my eyes, before I noticed that she twitched. Her body’s lightning struck around the room slowly and then violently……as she did this she said…. “Ife mi, ran mi lowo” (English meaning- my love, help me). Once more, she byassed the translator and spoke in yoruba. And from what I could understand, she asked her love to help her. She continued to trash the room as I hid under the center table. She repeated the same thing, as she took a more human form, but was still a cloud. I did not know what to do…. i was wondering why honey would be a Xzar’s weakness. I panicked and cried, but then, Master Sho busted through the windows while holding Wyren by the tail.  “Crayaaaaaaaa, eno
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Chapter 9- Illusion Of Death
Chapter 9- Illusion Of Death “Wow, then what is your name and how do you know my name?” I asked “Well.. we are telepathic and telekinetic. And as for my name…. call me Chewi” “Huh, why? Why do you have such a name?” I asked. “Well…… My real name would break your translator, and when I looked through your memories. There was a girl…..” “Aaaaaah! stop it ooooooo!” I exclaimed. “Alright, so let us go find your master” said Chewi “How? All I see is glass everywhere. And why is it all so white and bright? No plants, just glass floor and whiteness” I said with a bored expression from my dark eyes. “You are rat
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Chapter 10- Reality
“Get up boy, your variant there is dead, we gotta go to its duplicate” said Sho’s voice.Looks like he really found me as Chewi said he would. I stood up as he grabbed my shoulder and said…..”This will continue till you can accomplish your first task… Find me”. Again my ghostly body was reforming within the grounds of Etheria. I looked around and it was  different. There were green clouds in the sky, and the liquid atmosphere seemed endless like the blue sky on earth. There were large trees with cotton like webbings, and the ground was not hard and scanty, but was soft and grassy. The liquid atmosphere was hardly noticeable….. It was everywhere.“So my prediction was right, in a one thousand years, the Ludars would cause the eventual shrinkage of th
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