Chapter 5- The Base

Chapter 5- The Base

There he was, Master Sho, boiling like water again…… His eyes were white, as he held the Rockshire's arm. The body of the Rockshire was enveloped with white lines as the rumble settled. Sho leaned closer to him as he struggled.

“Tell me, how did you get here, Jamen? Or I’ll force that information out of you”, Sho commanded.

“You can never know anything, because it is too late, another will come for the boy as I go to the void.”

Sho hurriedly pulled him closer, but he was right. His body was fading away; his torso was gone, apparently gone into the void. And as Sho looked up to question him again, his head vanished. All that was left was his midsection, which also faded away in seconds.

I was afraid, and terrified. Sho stoo

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