Falling For the British Billionaire (Mr. Darcy’s Kiss)

Falling For the British Billionaire (Mr. Darcy’s Kiss)

By:  Krista Lakes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rich. British. Hot as hell. Elizabeth Bennett has never appreciated any of these traits in a man. So when Mr. Darcy, billionaire British playboy and GQ's Bachelor of the Year, meets her at a function, she's surprised at how attracted she is to him. That is until he puts his foot in his big, arrogant mouth. The slap that she gave him got her thrown out of the biggest fundraiser of the year, but the mark she left on Mr. Darcy won't leave his mind. The second time that they meet "on accident", he turns up the arrogance even more. The third time, he tries flowers. By the fourth time, he's wearing a cup to protect himself. Mr. Darcy is the last man in the world that Elizabeth could ever be with. However, love makes fools of us all, and the one man that she can't stand is the one man she can't resist. Can Mr. Darcy's kiss win over the heart of Elizabeth Bennett? Join New York Times bestselling author Krista Lakes in this modern retelling of Jane Austen's beloved "Pride and Prejudice".

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26 Chapters
Chapter One
“Will you hurry up? We're going to be late,” Lydia complained. She leaned against the bathroom door and watched as I finished putting the last touches on my mascara.“And what?” I asked, turning to look at her. “We'll miss the waiters walking around with the little trays of fancy hot dogs you don't like? You'll live. Promise.”My little sister rolled her eyes at me. For being twenty-one, she still had all the abilities of a teenager in the eye-roll department. She took a deep breath like I was trying all of her patience and checked her hair in the mirror one more time.“I guess it's fashionable to be late,” she said, smoothing down her dark hair. “We'll look more important and more people will be able to see us arrive.”I couldn't help but shake my head. We both had the same slim build, dark hair and dark eyes, but other than the physical similarities, it was hard to believe we were related. She was impulsive, naive, and fame-hungry, which drove me absolutely batty. She was sure she w
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Chapter Two
“Lizzie, it's a Gustave Loiseau,” Jane gasped, her hand to her mouth as she stared in wonder at lot number 327 of the auction. A lovely seascape hung on the wall. I could almost smell the warm sea air coming from the white sandy cliffs."It's very nice," I told her. I had no idea who the artist was, but Jane he impressed Jane. Art was her thing, not mine, but I could see the love in her eyes for the small painting. It was more than just something lovely to look at for her. It was an expression of life itself.“Are you sure I can't borrow twenty thousand dollars?” Jane asked, not taking her eyes from the painting. “This would look amazing in our living room.”"I have twenty dollars, and I'll buy you a print," I told her with a gentle smile. "Because you are right. It would look amazing in the living room."Jane sighed and kept staring at the painting. Paintings, specifically old French ones, were her passion. When she wasn't working at her painting restoration job at the museum, she v
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Chapter Three
I found Lydia at the bar having a great time with a man. She was flirting and giggling with him for everything she was worth. I wanted to warn her, but she waved me away before I could get close. I just hoped that she knew the man she was flirting with wasn't rich and famous. He was the other hospital winner of tickets to tonight's event. He worked on the floor below me as a transport technician. If she was hoping he was her ticket to fame and fortune, she was in for a surprise.I picked up a fresh drink while she glared daggers at me to leave her alone. She mouthed the words, “go away,” leaving no doubt that she didn't want my interference. I gave her a friendly wave and headed off to see the rest of the party.It was amazing. There was a live band, amazing food, free drinks, and beautiful people everywhere. For the night, I felt like I'd been transported to a different world. I rubbed elbows with the rich and famous. I found myself having a wonderful conversation with an older woman
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Chapter Four
It took me less than five seconds to find my sister, because she was standing on a chair at the bar waving to Layla and calling out the actress' name.The movie star was ignoring her and leaving the party. Lydia continued to shout, perilously teetering on the chair and looking like she might fall down at any moment.I hurried over and pulled her down. Several people were staring. I thanked my lucky stars that none of my co-workers had won tickets because this was embarrassing. At least we would never have to see these rich people again after tonight.“What are you doing?” Lydia slurred. She pushed me away, but not before I could smell the alcohol drenching her.“Fix your dress,” I hissed at her. “You're embarrassing yourself.”Lydia looked down at her dress to see her bra poking out of the top. She giggled and tugged her strapless dress back up to cover it. “It's not that big of a deal, Lizzie.”"What are you doing?" I asked her. I leaned over and motioned to the bartender for a drin
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Chapter Five
Jane waltzed around the kitchen, humming a happy tune to herself the next morning when I woke up. She was walking on air, and I couldn't help but smile as I watched her.She was twitterpated.I went to the coffee pot to find it empty. The bag of coffee next to it was empty as well.“Where's the coffee?” I asked, opening a cabinet to look for more.“We're out,” Jane said, still dancing around the kitchen with a goofy-happy smile on her face.“And you're still happy?” I asked. “With no coffee? He must be a heck of a guy.”Jane grinned. “He texted me this morning. We're discussing watercolors.”I shook my head. Only Jane would be over the moon about discussing watercolors at eight in the morning with no coffee in sight.“Jane, I need coffee. I need caffeine,” I told her. “I'm going to order some from the cafe. Want to come with me to get it?”Jane spun around the kitchen to pick up my phone. She curtsied as she handed it to me. I wished I could be in that good of a mood without coffee. “
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Chapter Six
The lights of New York City sparkled in the dark sky instead of stars as we left our building and found a limo waiting for us. Lydia squealed with delight and clapped her hands as soon as she saw it, and even Jane looked impressed. It wasn't every day that we got to take a limo to a fancy nightclub.The driver opened the door as we approached. Charles and Mr. Darcy were waiting for us inside the limo. Charles grinned as we got in. Mr. Darcy was talking on his phone.Jane sat next to Charles. Lydia was the next in, which meant that I had to sit next to Mr. Darcy. He had dressed for the club and looked sexy as sin. He wore dark pants with a matching dress jacket. A crisp white button dress shirt peeked out from underneath his jacket, but he'd left it unbuttoned, giving him an easy, devilish look. If I didn't know that his personality was not as handsome, I would have been very attracted to him.I, of course, did my best to ignore him as he hung up the phone. There was no way I was going
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Chapter Seven
The crowd absorbed me, and the music became my world. Lydia was dancing with someone within seconds of hitting the dance floor. Knowing her, she'd either have the whole club dancing with her by the end of the night or have the entire security team throwing her out. I hoped it was the first. I could see enough bouncers that I wasn't worried about her safety. She was safe here in Charles Bingley's club.I started dancing, letting the champagne and music loosen my hips. I wasn't anywhere near drunk, just tipsy and loose. I felt good, and I knew that in this dress, I looked good too. I was going to enjoy myself. It wasn't often that I got to dance.Someone tapped my shoulder. Thinking I was in the way of a person trying to get by, I turned and prepared to move to the side. A short man in khakis and a polo shirt with a work logo stood unmoving in front of me.“Can I help you?” I asked over the music when he didn't try to get past me.“Do you want to...” The music drowned out his voice.“I
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Chapter Eight
I pulled away, the spell he'd woven over me broken. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was going to kiss the man who bragged about me being an easy shag? It had to have been the champagne or the fact that he'd saved me. That was it. He'd saved me, and I wanted to kiss him because of that.Sure. I could believe that.I looked over at the broken glass to find my sister the cause of it.She was up on the bar, dancing and knocking over drinks with every wobbly step. Two security guards were in the process of trying to get her down, but she was fighting them.My heart sank. Why did she always have to go so far overboard to be noticed?“Lydia!” I managed to get over to the bar just as the two guards set her on the ground. “What are you doing?”She pulled her arms away from the guards and smoothed her hair. “What? How else am I supposed to get noticed? Have you seen how hot the people are here?”Mr. Darcy pulled the guards to the side as I yanked my sister away from the broken glass.“Yo
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Chapter Nine
The only good thing about leaving the club early was that the next day I didn't have a hangover. Unfortunately, neither did Lydia, so the experience taught her very little. Jane, on the other hand, was sick as a dog.Charles had texted me during the night that she was going to sleep at his apartment. Jane didn't want me to worry about her, so she was having him text me. She was sick, and he didn't want to bother Lydia or me. He was going to make sure she was taken care of.I had texted him back that I was happy to come up and get her, but he told me she was already settled and finally asleep. I wasn't about to interrupt their time together, even if Jane was sleeping through it.I loved that he was so protective of her. They were a cute couple, and I knew he made Jane happy. The little bit of new love in the world made me smile. It was nice to know that there were still some good men out there, and even better to know that my best friend had found one of them.I decided to go for a run
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Chapter Ten
“I can't believe that we get to go to the grand opening of the new hotel!” Lydia exclaimed, dancing around the kitchen in her little black dress.“Considering that Jane is dating the owner, it's not that crazy. It's really sweet of Charles to invite us, though,” I replied. I looked around, trying to find my shoes. “Lydia, did you borrow my black heels?”“No. They're in the front closet,” Lydia replied.“Instead of in my closet where they belong?” I asked, putting my hands on my hips. She flashed me a big grin that told me she had totally borrowed them. I sighed.“It's just too bad that Wickham couldn't get the night off,” Lydia said with a sigh. “It would have been so nice to have an agent with me at the party. I can feel it in my bones that I'm going to meet a producer tonight.”"Remember, tonight is about Charles' new hotel, not finding a producer. Or an agent, or being discovered," Jane warned. "I don't want this night to end up all about you."“Fine. You two act like I have no so
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