Chapter 05



He pulled her to a room on the top floor of the club. She didn't even know that rooms like this existed here. She didn't care at this moment either.

He abruptly turned her around and pulled her towards him with her soft body colliding with his hard one, making her breath hitch.

Without giving her the time to process anything, he smashed his lips over hers and she moaned out with her hands shooting up to grab and pull at his soft light brown hairs.

He started pushing her backward until the back of her legs hit the bed and she fell down along with him falling on top of her.

He pulled away only to lean down again to capture her lips in an aggressive kiss. Sara wanted to stop him, but her body wanted him badly.

Desire won over her tiny rational thoughts and she let him do whatever he wanted to do with her.

He sucked on her lower lip and his teeth slowly nibbled on

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Sonia R Santos
looking forward the next chapter
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Namrah Saeed
You wasted an entire chapter repeating a previous chapter?

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