Chapter 57


“ I want divorce, Silas. ” After she said this out aloud, Silence consumed them both for a while.

Silas was expecting an outburst, an angry tantrum but not this rushed decision of separation for life.

He set his lips in a thin line, his eyes narrowing down to observe her closely. She was avoiding eye – contact with him.

“ Repeat it. ” He spoke slowly, his tone deadly. “ Say it again, Sara. ”

Sara lifted her head, her gaze settling on his light brown orbs. Did he think he could scare her into changing her decision? No, he couldn’t do it anymore.

“ You had a chance. I gave you one. You could have told me, but you didn’t. Why? Because, you didn’t trust me like I did? Or were you just taking advantage of my love? What was it that you tried to achieve by pretending to be someone else? ” Sara got up from the chair, her eyes glaring at Silas

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