Chapter 58


“ I can and trust me…I will, Dear Wife. ” Silas’s hold over Sara’s wrist tightened as he proclaimed.

“ I am leaving. ” Sara pried his hand off and glared at him.

Deep down, she had a hunch that she committed a mistake coming here. It was the Lion’s den and it would be impossible to leave from here if Silas didn’t let her go.

“ Try leaving then. ” Silas challenged, their egos finally clashing.

“ So you will do this to me now? ” Sara spoke, hurtfully.

“ I have to do this. You are acting like a three year old for God’s sake! It’s marriage. It’s not some dollhouse play where you can leave everything halfway so easily. ” Silas pushed his hair back, his head beginning to hurt due to the stress Sara was causing him.

“ First, we will talk it out. If I can’t convince you to forgive me then

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