Chapter 93 - Isaac Young (2)

After Grey returned back to the country, it seems to spark some old plans inside of Isaac Young's mind. With his influence in the family and the company keeps on decreasing, his desire to regain his position in the Young group has made him into someone desperate. 

Even though Grey has entered the scene for only a year, he's already done so much by himself. He already has his own company and even with that, he still manages to help and give his ideas to the main group, the Young group. 

With every move Grey makes that makes him stand out, fro. The point of view coming from his relatives keeps on going to the bad side. They are jealous of how much Grey is gaining from everything. 

Isaac young had enough of it and a few months ago he started to be consumed with all this negativity and ended up planning to end his relatives's success. 

"Hello, it's me. Do it tonight,  and don't even make a single mistake." Isaac said on the phone.&nbs

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