Chapter Five- Ultimatum

“Are you alright?”

His deep voice sends a shiver through my spine and I have to shake my head to get the lingering effects out of my brain.

I’m not sure if it’s the traumatic ordeal that I’ve been put through or the man himself that is taking over my mind, body and soul.

He was absolutely stunning. His aura was one of a strong and powerful wolf. He stood tall over me which was a feat since I wasn't that short myself. His body was jacked but not overly muscular in an off putting way. The man had jet black hair and piercing blue eyes that were like the sea on a cloudy day. His jaw was sharp and cheekbones chiseled as long lashes fanned over them.

It takes me a few seconds to realize I’m merely gawping at the man but I’m not responding in any way.

Clearing my throat, I tug at the shirt which I now release belongs to the half naked man in front of me.

“Yes. Sorry about that. This must be yours?”

Lifting the shirt, I pause at the intoxicating scent that envelops me. It smelt divine and had a mixture of petrichor and a cologne that put all others to shame.

The man put his hand forward but I feel a strange sense of embarrassment and politely decline his offer. Standing up on my own, I notice as the man averts his eyes as I tug the soft material of his shirt past my body.

“No. It’s alright. You can keep it.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Looking back at me, I ignore the man who gives me a once over as he takes in every inch of me. My body heats under his gaze but I dispel the thought from my mind.

A lot of females go into heat after they shift. I don’t want that.

“You’re a beautiful woman. You shouldn’t be here on your own. Let me know where you live and I’ll get you there.”

My body and heart are at ease and are ready to trust him completely but my brain is on alert and I put my guard up.

“I don’t know who you are. Which pack are you from?”

The man laughs and it sends a pit of my butterflies to flutter in my stomach.

“But I know you. You’re the daughter of Alpha Rodrigo from the Dark Moon Pack. What are you doing all the way out here?”

My words die on my tongue and I realize I can’t get myself out of this situation.

Steeling my spine, I take a step in the opposite direction.

“Yes. If you’ll please give me leave. I have to go back home. They’ll be expecting me.”

I ignore the horror that curls in my stomach. They won’t give a crap if I come home or not. My sister is the Alpha of the pack. Her mate is my ex. My father is dead and I know my mother wants absolutely nothing to do with me.

What do I have left back there?

My wolf’s words resound through my brain and I shake all the negative thoughts away.

If she’s right, I have to train hard. That’ll be the key to my success.

“Who will be expecting you?”

“My mother?”

The answer came out like a question simply because of the fact that I don’t know why the hell I’m even answering him.

Why do I feel compelled to tell him my life story?

The man sighed and I almost detected pity on his face.

He doesn’t know me. Why would he feel pity?

“You don’t know.”

My curiosity piques and I can’t help but to ask.

“Don’t know what?”

“The new Alpha of your pack has expelled you. She left a scathing statement to all packs to never let you enter any. You’ve been charged with colluding with rogues and acting first hand in your fathers death.”

Numb. That’s all that I can feel right now.

“The new Alpha?”

I knew who he was talking about. I could feel the gaping hole in my chest. Aurora’s words lingered in my mind but it felt like a distant memory now.

“Yes. The female Alpha. Alpha Serena.”

Moisture gathers in my eyes and I have to clamp my fists to stop the ache. It doesn’t matter considering the hurt comes from within my heart. Years of pent up hurting and betrayal digs deep.

“There are a group of people looking for you right now. I’m not sure what their intentions are but I can assure you, they’re nothing good.”

I don’t believe him but something tells me to heighten my senses.

Straining my ears, I can hear multiple sets of footsteps running towards me. My scent is a clear indicator as to where I am.

“They’re nearly here. It’s up to you. You can come with me or get caught up with them. What do you say?”

I hesitate for multiple reasons.

What if this person is worse than they are?

I can tell his wolf is strong. Much stronger than the ones who are running towards me.

Is this one man a greater evil than all of these men combined?

Looking from him to the thick foliage behind, I make up my mind.

“Where will you take me?”

“It’s up to you. I can take you back to my house to regroup or I can even drop you off back at your pack. The decision is yours.”

“Can we go to your house first? I need to think things through and I’m being put on the spot right now.”

The man tilts his head, almost as if the group of men running right towards us aren’t a pressing concern.

“Sure. My car’s parked a little way’s down. We’ll make it in time.”

I’m not sure if that’s true but I get walking.

It’s only when I focus on my surroundings that I realize we’re very close to a main road. The lake winding the entire length of the road and beyond.

A sleek black car sits on the side, engine off and blending in with its surroundings.

“Get in. We’ll go to mine and then you can decide.”

I don’t hesitate to get in.

All while watching the group of men finally break into the clearing.

It’s too late for them as we speed off.

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