Chapter Nineteen- Unknown

“Avery. Wake up!”

My vivid dreams of running through the forest falters for a split second. The atmosphere around me is beckoning. The still and silent night, the forest alive with critters as the silver light of the moon bathes all of us animals in its warm comforting glow.

Another disturbance and this time I’m yanked awake out of my dream. My heart pounds ferociously in my chest. I look around my room and hear an urgent knocking at my door.

“Open the door.”

Alpha Gabriel’s voice is low but urgent in its nature.

I scramble my way out of my bed and rush to the door. When I fling it open, the Alpha stands there fully dressed. Odd for this hour of the night. His eyes are sharp and dart around; much too alert.

It's a vibrant contrast to his otherwise calm demeanor that he always sports/

“Alpha Gabriel. Is everything alright? What’s wrong?” My voice is heavy with sleep but the concern in my voice overrides it all.

The man steps inside through the open door and closes it behind him. He lo
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