Chapter 10

When I walked into the clinic with my hoodie pulled over my head I had hoped for it to be a quick visit, just like I had expected for them to remove the baby as soon as possible, but they didn’t.

In the morning I woke up feeling anxious and perhaps even excited to get rid of the baby but each time reality kicked in I’d feel guilty and thought about how much I wanted to have something of my own. If I had this child I would never be alone, but if I had this child it would be yet another mouth to feed and babies were expensive. The costs of $13,000 a year shocked me and definitely helped me with my decision.

That amount of money on top of what I had to pay for myself was ridiculously much and

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Ife Hassan
I can't wait
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Bella Jersey
This is where I get nervous because of Christian opinion. It’s nice he has one but it does not mean it will be listened to

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