Chapter 13

“Pregnant?” Faith asked and scrunched up her nose. It was difficult to see whether she was surprised, disgusted, or perhaps even happy but also her reaction was better than expected.

“You secured the bag just like that?” Faith asked and ran towards me to hug me while Luna still had a confused look on her face and was trying to process everything that was going on. “I had no idea you guys were close like that.”

Close? Even though I had started to get used to the idea of co-parenting we had a long way to go until we would be near close. “They obviou

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goodnovel comment avatar
the down side of this story is that the lady talks alone too much... she is too much in her mind
goodnovel comment avatar
She should get an agreement in writing that he won’t throw her and the baby out. Maybe instead of moving in with him that he should get her a bigger apartment for her and the baby.

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