Chapter 17

I got on the subway train and tried to look for any empty seats but unfortunately failed, but saving fuel and money was definitely an priority, so I had decided to not go by car or uber. I was heading to my first day of work and I felt exhausted. The lack of energy was very noticeable but I still tried to hide it. What if they would fire me when they found out about my pregnancy? That could not happen.

My belly did not look big and if anything I just seemed bloated, there were a few more weeks left before I would probably start showing so I would make use of those to save up as much money as I can, which started by taking the subway.

The last time I had been in one was when I still attended college which was already more than half a year ago. “Do you want to sit down?” A man

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
He actually does want to be a dad! That’s why
goodnovel comment avatar
Angie Clark Schwind
Be strong.. but Fabio is gonna steal your baby because he know who you are!!! For revenge for them lying to him. Tell Johnny where you work so he can help save you!!! I don't trust Fabio
goodnovel comment avatar
Good for you sweetie. You are strong n you don’t need them !

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