Chapter 2.146

“One, two—three!” Christian threw a happy Siena in the air, ignoring my pleas for him to stop. With my hand on my heart, I leaned against the wall as a sound of relieved laughter escaped my lips.

“See!” Christian held her by her leg, turning her upside down. “She enjoys it, so I do not think it’s your place to interfere!” He spoke, pretending to drop her.

Not wanting my child to crack open her skull, I rushed to their side and grabbed her from his hands. “Okay, that’s enough for now.”

Today would be an eventful day, but unfortunately, one I wouldn’t get to experience. While Christian would soon be headed to the location to deal with his uncle and Luca, I would be stuck at home.

It wasn’t all too bad because I got to spend time with Siena—but although I had promised not to involve myself in any business, I couldn’t help but be curious.

“What’s on your mind?” Christian raised my chin, inspecting the sad frown on my face. My mind told me to let it go, but a part of me still wanted to try
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