Chapter 2.148

“All of that because I didn’t have his back?” I whispered to myself. Johnny rushed to Luca’s side—while Enzo slammed his arm around my shoulder.

“Don’t take it personally. He’s always been like that—whining like a little child.”

“Yes, I know.” I folded my arms. “But leaving me behind?”

“With me.” Enzo shrugged. “That means he trusts me—doesn’t it?”

“He’s not angry with you. He’s upset because you looked at him with those puppy eyes.” Dario stepped forward, smirking.

“What puppy eyes?” I pouted. “All I told him was not to murder his cousin, and now suddenly I’m the bad guy?”

Dario tapped his finger against my nose. “Those puppy eyes.” He showed me his dimples, making me blush. “Don’t worry about him too much, and just let him calm down.”

I didn’t love Dario the way I loved Christian. I had already ruled that one out, but having someone to talk to who shared the same interests and knowing he was back to his old self melted my heart.

He deserved happiness.

“So what will happen to uncle B
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