Chapter 2.149

It was a bright and sunny day, filled with talks and laughter. The Lamberti estate was full of guests, including different families who were all present for Lucio’s birthday party. His birthday was two weeks ago, but today felt like a good day to celebrate his existence.

A month had passed since everything went down, and for the first time in forever, things were actually going great. Everything was nice and peaceful.

“I’m happy to see all of you here together.” Lucio grabbed my hand to connect it with Christian’s. We glanced at each other, and a soft smile appeared on Christian’s lips.

“So am I.” He spoke. It still seemed unreal, but our relationship was perfect. Every now and then, we had minor disagreements, but that was it.

“And you?” Lucio looked over at Cesca, who held Siena in her arms. “You should get along with your daughter-in-law.” He spoke. “Serena has always been like a daughter to me, so I need all of you to take care of her in the future.”

Hearing him speak as if he was
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So sad. I had tears running down my face ....... He went in peace.

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