Chapter 2.151

“What do you have to say?” I leaned against the railing.

Christian reached for something behind his back and showed me a small red box while I was still confused about what was happening. Was he going to propose to me…again?

He opened the box, revealing a rose gold diamond ring that suited my taste.

Wasn’t this the part where he was supposed to get down on one knee?

“You should keep the one you have now because it meant a lot to my dad—but I also thought you should have something you like.”

“So you are asking me to marry you again?” I kept my hand to myself, unsure of what to do. Christian, who didn’t miss my odd behavior, nodded.

“I can do the ‘going on my knees, I love you, you’re the only one for me’, crap again—but I don’t think you want to hear that.”

I didn’t. That would only be a waste of breath because the last time he said that, everything went downhill.

“I know you’ve been holding back on the wedding talks because you might think I’m not ready for this—but I am,” Christian s
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