Chapter 0033

“It isn’t faith, it’s a coincidence,” Christian spoke, trying to speak some sense into him but Vincenzo shook his head. “That’s not where this story ends.”

“My father put me in charge over the factory for a while and I was pissed. But when I went through the applications I saw her name and her face,
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Amoii C
What a reference hahaha she really is Beau in a wig. It's about to get really interesting.
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Amoii C
Beau is her twin brother, Vince is Fabio son the 1st born to his now dead wife.
goodnovel comment avatar
Is Vince her brother? That Garcia took in from the Alfonzos? And he’s unknowingly in love with his twin, and he isn’t having Marc follow her anymore I guess, so he doesn’t know she’s working for the person that they’re trying to protect her from.

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