His Sweet Bella

His Sweet Bella

By:  BlueDreams  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when attraction turns into obsession? Heart breaks, blood spills, and life ends. Arabella, a naive eighteen-year-old orphan girl takes up the job of caretaker for a paralyzed little girl, not knowing a simple decision was going to change her life upside down. Killian Serrano, 26, is the don of the Spanish Mafia. He is vicious, heartless, and downright sadistic. But his gorgeous looks make up for all his shortcomings. The man has not been denied for anything. But what happens when he gets attracted to his niece's caretaker and she doesn't reciprocate his advances. Her purity and innocence tempt him to taint her. The denial makes him want her even more. So much, that he doesn't refrain from going to extreme extents to make her his.-Mature contentTrigger warnings-Lots of EroticaDarkest shade of ObsessionAn overly obsessive male lead and an angel like female lead

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His Sweet Bella novel surrounds the story of the dark love obsessions of a Mafia King. Following the tragedy he experienced, Killian's mindset and thoughts grew darker. Compared to his behavior that suddenly becomes gentler, Killian's interest in Arabella got him a little off the wheel. With Arabella's meek and sweet disposition, Killian's sadistic ways have been influenced. Little did Ara know that he only hide it to get her. But the attraction made her do things that will simply and surely turn her life in a completely opposite direction, as Killian takes her to a different kind of paradise.

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good reader
same whenever I feel depressed I read this book and it heals my mood Killian is one his kind love him till the bone marrow LOL
2024-07-15 17:36:56
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Jasmine Jeon
when I've nothing to read i come back here, by now I've memorize this story 🥹
2024-07-13 01:38:26
user avatar
some things in this book were changed. I think the author added more things and removed some things.
2024-07-10 06:42:11
user avatar
Dear author, maybe you can write a story about Santiago and Freya? I would love to read it
2024-07-02 13:38:45
user avatar
Dia St Catherine
author, would be great if you gave Santiago and Freya they happy ending
2024-06-28 21:47:51
default avatar
This book/novel is awesome and the love story is amazing…Couldn’t put it down I was captivated by the story. I am not into Mafia stories, but this one I was in awe from beginning to end. Greatly recommend. Thanks to the author for sharing this excellent piece of work ...️
2024-06-23 04:50:00
user avatar
Sakshi Chaudhary
my all time favourite book
2024-06-08 17:09:27
user avatar
Earny Chakma
it is the mosttttt thrilling love story...My personal Favourite novel.
2024-06-08 16:52:55
user avatar
Sha BA
One of the best books on this platform, bravo!!
2024-06-01 15:07:17
user avatar
Nimra Butt
can someone suggests more stories like that?
2024-05-23 23:08:03
user avatar
yashvi trivedi
Plzz plzzz plzzzz write part 2 of this book. We want more of killian and bella......
2024-05-08 23:15:38
user avatar
Nisha Shibu
I am new in this app I used all rewards and now I have zero bonus and I need 81 to get into the next chapter what can I do?
2024-05-07 20:19:15
user avatar
Read this book three times can’t wait to read about their son
2024-05-07 18:53:48
default avatar
Best book I’ve read. I will read for 2nd time soon!!
2024-05-01 17:52:20
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bolanle olashile
OHhh my god! If you have been ignoring this novel just know that you are missing a lot I was there I almost regret all the time I skipped through the novel… yeah that’s how interesting it is…good job author but I want to ask the author I have read three of your novel and all FLs are orphan my notice
2024-04-24 18:25:07
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128 Chapters
Arabella Garcia
Arabella GarciaClad in her plain white ankle-length dress, Arabella Garcia walked the quiet alley of the church. Her moistened eyes lit up when they found the familiar statue situated at the far end of the lane. She hastened her steps and halted before the statue. She kneeled down and tightly pressed her eyes closed, causing tears to squeeze out. She clasped her hands together and bowed her head in front of the holy cross. She started murmuring in her soft angelic voice."Father in heaven, I thank you for giving me such a beautiful life. I am grateful to you for all the blessings and kindness you showered on me. I ask you for just one more help. Please, make Ruby get well soon. I found her today outside my room all drenched in rain. She was stiff and barely breathing when I took her in. She hasn't opened her eyes since then.
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Killian Serrano
A NIGHTMARE. That's how people describe him. There are three things he is notorious for; his vicious smirk, his cold malignant glare, and his barbarian nature. He is also very creative. He has created a thousand methods of killing someone in the most brutal manner without carving a single wound. His people likened him with Hades. The king of death. The ruler of the underworld. The title suits him, considering he indeed is the ruler, the formidable king of Spanish Mafia. On the other hand, he is also likened with Adonis for his attractive features. When not slaughtering his enemies, he is stealing the breath of women and dare I say some men with his exquisite looks. Possessing a height of 6'3, he is a man of muscles. His black hair that reaches up to his shoulder complements his green grey orbs and pronounced cheek
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Angel And Devil
She nervously clutched at the strap of her bag as she dazedly stared at the huge mansion that stood proud and tall in front of her. She found the extravagance of the house daunting. She was so intimidated that for a minute, she considered turning tails. She just couldn't picture herself casually strolling through the corridors of this magnificent building."Excuse me, you need some help?" the guard approached her. He had been watching her for the last 10 minutes gawking at the mansion. Although it was nothing out of the ordinary, the mansion had distracted many. However, the guard was strictly instructed to question anyone and everyone who is seen around the mansion for safety purposes.Arabella didn't respond."Ma'am," the guard tried again, louder this time.
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Fate Being The Cupid
The mansion was already awake when she woke up at 8. She winced when she saw the time. Hastily, she climbed off the bed and rushed out towards Angela’s room. She was supposed to wake up Angela at 7 and help her with her morning ablution. She inwardly cursed herself for being so careless. It was her first day and she was already failing. She was used to waking up at 6 and helping the gardener tending to the garden back in the orphanage. She wondered if the old man missed him.     Ara shoved the door to Angela’s room open and met with absolute silence. Angela was nowhere in the room. She called her but no reply came, not that she had expected.Perhaps, she was already awake. She was so going to get fired on her first da
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Pure Evil
  Shere, England   Ara had not expected that she would get this close to Angela and others in such a short span of time. She was coming back to the mansion from her orphanage. Today was her day off so she had left for the orphanage the previous evening only. She was missing her former home immensely.         The mansion was already asleep by the time she came back. It was 12.30 in the evening. She had gotten late tonight.    Ara quietly got into the unilluminated mansion and padded towards her room. She sensed something off. The air of the mansion felt different, colder. Not giving it much thought, she went to her room.   
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Devil With Capital D
“Ary, you are back,” Jenna beamed when she saw them coming in. She pulled Ary in for a hug.    “Now come, have your dinner. I am sure you haven’t eaten anything all day,” In just a couple of months, Jenna had figured a lot about her.    Mr. Robert, Ara, and Angela followed Jenna.    “Umm..Where is he?” she asked cautiously as they entered the kitchen   “He has gone out,” Jenna answered dismissively   “You three sit down, I’ll bring the food,” Jenna or
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On Your Knees
“He wants you to leave….now,” Jenna revealed in a cheerless tone. Ara’s eyes widened in shock.The news psyched her out. Panic wormed into her racing heart.   “Now?” she asked. It was almost midnight. Where will she go at this hour of the night? Jenna shifted her gaze to the floor. This time, there was nothing they could do.  “You can stay at a motel. Robert will drop you,” Jenna suggestedAra was too overwhelmed to pay attention to her. She had messed up big time. Mr. Serrano gave her a second chance and she ruined it in the most horrible way. She can’t lose this job.&
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Her Sweet Giggles And His Poor Heart
  Mr. Serrano is a kind-hearted man.   Despite his scary aura and evil brandings on his body, he is a good man.    Ara concluded in her mind. She had not expected him to forgive her this easily. She had assumed the worst of him by what Jenna had told her. The woman had labeled him as selfish, insensitive, and whatnot. So Ara was expecting him to yell at her, kick her out of his room. But much to her surprise, he not only let her stay in his room but also gave her a chance to speak, and forgave her. She can't explain in words, how relieved she felt in that moment. It felt as if a giant boulder had been lifted off her non-existent breasts. However, she was still confused about his reaction when she started massaging his leg. Why did he react that way? Didn't he want her to massage hi
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Attracted To A Maid? No Way!
She is just a maid. Maid or caretaker, the same fucking shit. Killian was furious with himself for even thinking about her in that way. He could never be attracted to a low life like her. Someone as plain as her. Her clothes reflected her lack of class. Her conduct spoke of her crudeness. Her flat-like-board frame revealed her poor status. An orphan on top of that. Who knows whose blood is running through her veins. She was everything that turns him off and yet.... Killian has a class, a status. Even his whores possess a certain class and prestige in society.He doesn't fuck women with no class. That's just beneath him.
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Caught In Act
  He didn't want her but he also didn't want others to want her.    White-hot jealousy flushed through his veins, consuming every bit of him as he stared furiously at his hands that were rubbing against her cheeks. His eyes burned holes into their point of contact. He hated it, his hands on her and the smile it brought to her face. He loathed it to no end. Is the punk her boyfriend? Why the hell is she not resisting him? He ground his jaw and clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned white, all the while glowering at her. The fire within him burned away all the reasons, logic-- filling him with bitter and destructive anger. The only thing on his mind, get him away from her.    He didn't realize when his feet started towards them. In a few long urgent strides, he was standin
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