His Vampire Bride

His Vampire Bride

By:  Celice Wylder  Completed
Language: English
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In order to execute a centuries old plan, Rowan orders his son Declan to attempt healing the billionaire heiress, Aster Montgomery, who is suffering from a mysterious terminal illness. Torn between saving his girlfriend from a brutal, untimely death at the hand of his father, and his strong convictions, Declan does something that he swore he'd never do - take a vampire bride, a process that will bond them to each other for eternity. After years of suffering, Aster just wants to die, but her father, Edward Montgomery, has other plans for her. He refuses to give up on his only child. Sick and in pain, Aster has little hope that anyone can help her, but to make her father happy, she gives in and allows Declan to attempt healing her. Soon, she finds out that he is more than just a faith healer; he is a vampire that brings with him the promise of immortality, and a chance at a future. But all is not as it appears, and soon after he takes her as his bride, Aster and Declan learns the truth about her destiny, and they are thrown into a life of turmoil, full of twists and turns, lies, deception and dark secrets. The fate of the world rests on Aster's shoulders, and if she can't carry out Rowan's devious plans, life as we know it will come to an end.

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106 Chapters
Chapter 1
Declan “No,” Declan said. “You made me a promise all those years ago. You can’t ask me to do that. Ask Samuel…or Matthew. I can’t…no…never.” “They already have several brides between them – Edward Montgomery doesn’t want his daughter to…share.” “Joel then.” “Joel? You are joking right?” Declan shrugged. He was angry, trapped, and a like a caged animal he’d do anything to get out. “The bond is strong enough to override his sexuality – it’ll be fine.” “Don’t be so damn stupid,” Rowan said. “Why would you do that to him? To the poor girl? Eventually, she won’t be enough.” He deflated – his father was right. It would be unconscionable to force Joel into a union with a woman, and the poor woman would be miserable … it would be an awful existence for the both of them. Declan grabbed an expensive crystal goblet from Rowan’s ornate oak desk, and sipped on the exquisite cognac, trying to calm his nerves, but his
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Chapter 2
Declan: Declan stood in a dark corner, watching the sleeping girl on the bed. Every breath was a struggle, and he could smell death’s approach. She wasn’t long for this world, and it was clear that even in her sleep, she couldn’t fully escape the illness that ravaged her. Quietly, he glided out of his hiding place, and sat on the edge of the bed next to her. It was difficult connecting with a dying mind. Sometimes they were filled with anger and fear, more often with peace – but all of them were difficult. He had to try though – had to see how far gone she was. It would be easier talking to her in her dreams, where people tended to let their barriers come down and showed their true selves. Very gently, so as not to disturb or cause her pain, Declan took the girl’s hand in his. Her mind was quiet, almost blank, then suddenly the darkness broke open, and bright light flooded in. They were in a sunny meadow. Flowers of all types and colours cove
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Chapter 3
Aster Her eyes fluttered open. Something had woken her up, but she didn’t know what. It was too painful to move, but she listened intently. Nothing. Not even a cricket chirping on her windowsill. It was almost as if the night held its breath, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her. The room was dark, but a thin sliver of light shone in through the gaps in the curtains – enough to cast the room in a hazy blue glow. Despite the non-stop aching, throbbing, and stabbing she tried to push herself upright so she could get a better look around the room. Gasping loudly as sharp hammers of pain shot through her arms, she gave up and fell backwards. “Stop,” a man whispered somewhere in the dark. “You’ll hurt yourself.” Every muscle in her body tensed, sending shockwaves of pain up and own her nerves. “Who…who’s there?” she asked in a shaky voice. The man didn’t answer, but she heard him come towards her and could see h
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Chapter 4
Declan: “Stop screaming,” he said as he tried to hold on to the fighting girl in his arms without hurting her. He realised his mistake the minute he picked her up. He really should have taken an extra minute just to let her know he was coming for her, but his nerves got the better of him and he grabbed her before he could change his mind and run away. Aster kept going. He didn’t know it was possible for one, frail, sickly girl to bellow so loudly. “Jesus Christ, will you stop?” Gently, he lowered her to the floor, and she abruptly stopped hollering. At the same time, her legs gave way, and she crashed to the floor. Declan caught her just before she cracked her head on the hardwood. “Why? What?” she asked, looking confused. “I’m sorry,” he said, and helped her to her feet. “I should have warned you.” “It’s okay,” she said, but he could hear the fear in her voice. “It’s me – I’m so high strung.” God help him, he liked her. Every
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Chapter 5
Aster: Aster sat in the recliner where her gaggle of nurses had taken turns spending the night over the past nine months and watched Declan sleep. He lay where he fell, legs dangling off the bed. She tried to move him on the bed, but it was impossible to shift the solid block of a man. All she could do was cover him with a blanket and hope he was comfortable. Earlier, she had snuck through the empty mansion to the kitchen. She was hungry in a way she hadn’t been for months. The last few weeks were especially bad, and eating had become mostly mechanical – and since everything she ate tasted like dust, everyone had to force her to eat. Now she sat with a tray of food next to her – mostly items that were ‘grab and run’ food, as her father called it: cheese, fruit, crackers, cold cuts. Everything tasted delicious, and she had to stop herself from tearing into the food like an animal. The mansion was quiet and empty. Presumably, her father
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Chapter 6
Declan: Declan struggled to open his eyes. It was daytime, and the light stabbed him like millions of tiny needles, burrowing under his skin. Something, someone, repeatedly punched him in the chest though he barely felt the blows, and somewhere, far away, he heard a girl screaming and crying incoherently. It took his foggy mind several minutes to register where he was. He tried to force his eyes open. Being awake during the day was difficult. Painful. He didn’t want to do it, but Aster was in full-blown panic mode; and why wouldn’t she be? She thought he was dead. Summoning all his strength, Declan somehow managed to open his eyes, and struggled upright. The room was too bright, and the whole place looked like it was hazed in a mist of red. “Aster,” he said, but the word came out as a barely audible croak. He tried again, but she was so frantic that she didn’t hear him. Groaning loudly, he willed his muscles to move. Somehow, he manag
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Chapter 7
Aster: Aster sat in shock on the floor next to Declan, unable to move. He still had that same deathly pale-grey complexion, and from what she could tell, he wasn’t breathing. At last, the fear ebbed away, but it lingered under the surface. She got up, went to her closet and fetched a blanket and pillow – she didn’t know if he felt discomfort or cold in his current state, but sticking the cushion under his head and covering him up was the least she could do. She lay on her bed and watched the corpse on her floor until she fell asleep sometime in the middle of the day, while still praying that Declan would be all right.   ** In her dream, she’s a little girl again. Healthy and carefree, running through the fairy garden that her daddy built just for her. Jumping from rock to rock, she peeks under every bush, and behind every tree, looking for hidden secrets. The fairy garden made mommy very mad. She yelled at daddy, but litt
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Chapter 8
Declan: Declan woke right after Aster left the room. He listened to her padding down the hallway to the shower, heard the rattle of the old pipes as she opened the taps, and then soft singing while she readied to take her shower. He enjoyed the moment; could even see himself wake up just like this every night. For a few minutes, he allowed himself to think about it. The what if of the future, unencumbered by Rowan, Katelynn, his brothers…just him and Aster, living their own little life somewhere far away. It wasn’t at all an unpleasant fantasy. But then he remembered that he barely knew anything about her, and there was still a good woman out there whose heart he'd have to break – and he still didn’t know what his father had planned. Sighing, he got up from the floor. His body still ached, and while it wasn’t as bad as before, he knew that if he didn’t get some nourishment, he’d be in tremendous pain and half dead by the time he had
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Chapter 9
Aster: The next few hours passed in somewhat of a blur. Declan came back just as Aster sat down to what she had to admit was an exquisite meal. While the two men watched, she wolfed down the stew Rowan had prepared for her, and even decided on a second bowl. This one went down a little slower, and by the time she was done eating, she regretted her gluttony. “Feel better?” Declan asked, a small smile on his lips. He looked fantastic. For a guy who looked like death warmed over twice mere hours ago, he now appeared rested, healthy, and was oh-so-hot in his tight jeans and black t-shirt. The clothes folded around him as if they were painted on, showing off his perfectly toned body, broad shoulders, and narrow hips. Now that the pain of dying didn’t cloud her mind and vision, she could really appreciate how truly good-looking he was. “It’s time.” Rowan said out of nowhere. “I know.” Declan replied softly. She saw him crumble befor
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Chapter 10
Declan:  It was a beautiful night. The full moon bathed the garden in a white, ghostly glow, and the hidden lights twinkled in the dark giving the grounds a magical, fairy tale appearance. Like the mansion, the garden was absolutely devoid of any human life, but he heard animals all around them. Frogs croaking in the ponds, rabbits hopping through the grass, birds chirring softly in their sleep. Declan stopped, and turned to Aster, “Take me to your favourite place.” “Why?” Now that she felt better, he had the feeling she won’t submit so easily to him. Unlike the previous night, she now questioned everything. “If you are in a place you love, you’ll fight harder to come back.” “I don’t understand what that means. Tell me what it means.” He glanced at the moon, then at his watch. They had precious few hours left. “I’ll tell you on the way.” She nodded. “This way.” They walked side-by-
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