Invincible Blessing in Doomsday

Invincible Blessing in Doomsday

By:  Zhuo Shiyi  Ongoing
Language: English
9 ratings
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Everyone on the Blue Star had inexplicably come to a doomsday world littered with zombies.Everyone had only one goal, to survive.Those who lived to the tenth stage would go to the new world.Opening the game in order to extract basic supplies, Chen Que received Blessing's skill.Killed zombies, got flatbread, ten times blessings, and super meat pie.Killing a strange beast would result in a handgun and a hundredfold blessing, as well as a Fire God Gatling.To adopt a small snake, one had to receive a blessing a thousand times that of a normal dragon."Admit a cat, get 10,000 times blessings, and get a cat's mother."

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Monique Fofang
Was a great read. One of my favorite. Really Hope author finally finishes it.
2023-06-19 00:20:11
default avatar
Frank Afoa
Need more than these chapters
2022-11-29 00:39:16
default avatar
It was great.
2022-07-20 12:12:41
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Donald Leedy
amazing book, amazing story. haven't seen anything like it. I hope that it gets to continue and not die out.
2022-07-20 08:47:00
user avatar
Bob DaPlumer
You need a better Chinee-to-English interpreter
2022-04-22 09:19:15
user avatar
Halo Halo
Another chapter would be nice
2022-02-09 21:22:00
user avatar
Rift Raft
Please complete this book it's good and entertaining
2022-02-08 21:00:47
user avatar
Zharcrest Asher
Why is it not complete
2022-02-07 13:08:42
user avatar
Kaleb Mist
It's actually not bad. It's fun to read
2022-02-05 20:48:27
449 Chapters
Chapter 1 People Seeking Survival in Doomsday
In a room of less than 50 square meters, Chen Que woke up.Looking around in confusion, he slowly stood up."Where is this place? Wasn't I beaten up by readers because I broke updating? Why am I here?"He walked to the door and opened it.Then he was stunned.A huge ruined city appeared in front of him.Abandoned cars, weed-covered asphalt roads, and...The wandering zombies.The moment the door opened, more than ten zombies turned their heads to watch him.Bang!Chen Que slammed the door.But it was strange that the zombies did not attack him.At this moment, a mechanical voice rang out in Chen Que's mind.[Welcome to the doomsday world, where you will seek survival.][This is the doom world that is ten times bigger than the Blue Star.][You only have one mission, surviving.][The place you are in is the safe zone. Here, the zombies will not attack you.][Now you are facing the difficulty of the first phase of survival. When completing ten phases of survival, you will
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Chapter 2 Infinite Blessing
In the safe zone, Chen Que turned off the world communication channel. He just needed to pay attention to the latest news every day. If he paid too much attention to the news, it would only consume his own energy.As an author who had failed for ten years, he had fantasized about countless fantasy worlds. Chen Que had written no less than ten sci-fi doomsday novels. Although they were all unfinished, the elements inside were deeply engraved in his mind.The doomsday elements here were similar to what he had imagined. As for how to survive, Chen Que had a certain level of basic knowledge about it. "The most important thing now is to find food!"Chen Que came up with a plan for himself. Looking around, Chen Que saw that there was only one bed in the safe zone and nothing else.Walking to the bedside, Chen Que shook the wooden bed. After shaking for a while, he found that the bed could be disassembled. He directly tore off one of its legs and found that there was a nail on one end
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Chapter 3 Human or NPC
In this way, Chen Que killed four or five zombies repeatedly.One time, Chen Que killed two of them after attacking.Looking at the last item, Chen Que used it directly.Slowly approaching a female white-collar zombie, Chen Que picked up the mace.But at this moment, the female white-collar zombie seemed to notice something and slowly turned her head.Then, she twitched his nose in Chen Que’s direction.“I wouldn’t have been discovered, right?”Chen Que immediately held his breath.The two sides stood face to face just like that."Ha!"The female white-collar zombie opened her mouth and breathed a sigh of relief.Chen Que instantly rolled his eyes, and he almost fainted from this breath of air.Looking closely her external characteristics, Chen Que found that the female white-collar zombie was not infected so seriously.It was just that after she lost her original teeth and grew even sharper ones of different lengths.The whites of his eyes turned gray and her pupils turn
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Chapter 4 Strange Changes remain the Same. Look at the Runes
The 300% improvement was already very fast.Ordinary people couldn't catch it at all.If a blessing was given, the speed would be even faster.It should not be an issue for him to use this skill to kill off two of his opponents.Tap! Tap! Tap!The footsteps were getting closer and closer.The man and woman glanced at each other, then surrounded him from the left and right, standing on both sides of the wooden door.During this process, Chen Que noticed the weapons in their hands.One of them held a bow and arrow, while the other held a machete.It had been less than an hour since the game began.Those who dared to swagger out were definitely not humans.“If so, they can only be NPCs.”"Brother inside, don't be afraid. We were trying to save you just now. Open the door!"A man's voice came from outside.Chen Que was silent and directly used double blessing on his Swiftness skill.[You have blessed “Swiftness” and acquired a new skill, “Super Swiftness”.][Super Swiftness
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Chapter 5 Active to Passive
This thought appeared in Chen Que's mind as soon as he got the skill.This was the unique infinite-level skill in this world.However, there was no clear prompt that he couldn’t bless the skill itself, right?In the previous two Blessings, the reason why Chen Que didn’t bless this skill was because he needed weapons and emergency.This time, with an available balance, Chen Que intended to give it a try.If he couldn't, then forgot it.If he could, he didn't know what would happen.Thinking of this, Chen Que directly used Infinite Blessing on the skill itself.In the next moment, a melodious reminder sounded like the sound of nature.[You used double blessing on the “Infinite Blessing” skill. The skill has been changed and you have received “Passive Infinite Blessing”.][Passive Infinite Blessing: Growth Skill][Current passive level: Double Blessing][Next level to upgrade: 1000 points of energy.]“The active skill becomes a passive one?”Chen Que was instantly stunned.A
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Chapter 6 Killing the Mutated Dog
Right at this moment, An Yichun also withdrew from the system.The next moment, she reached out her hand to Chen Que.A black alloy war blade slowly appeared in her hand."Wow!"Chen Que couldn't help exclaiming.“So cool!”The black alloy war blade was similar to the Tang sword, with a slight curve.Even the blade was black, without any reflection.It was different from the swords in the movies.That was showing off handsomeness.True killing weapons would not reveal any flaws such as reflective light.“Clang, clang!”An Yichun handed the alloy combat knife over.Chen Que was a little slow.Thinking for a while, he took out the toy pistol.“Why do you have this?”An Yichun laughed with ridicule."I saw this toy pistol hanging on the trade platform. Did you buy it with a flatbread?""That's right!"Chen Que nodded."You gave me such a valuable gift. I have no reason not to return the favor. Take it!"“Ha-ha, what do I need it for?”An took it over with a smile.H
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Chapter 7 The Potential to Be Profiteer
[Lucky Necklace: Green][Attribute: Drip Rate +10%][Attribute: Dodge +10%]After the blessing, the level of the necklace increased.Even its attributes had undergone a drastic change.Putting on the necklace quietly, Chen Que's attributes were updated again.The first battle was won.The two cooperated very well.Back in the safe zone...He found a clean newspaper and spread it on the ground.Then Chen Que took out the delicious lamb leg.“Tsk, tsk, tsk, fine wine and fine food, beauties as companions. No wine, what a pity!”Chen Que sighed, fly in the ointment.“Let me give you a surprise!”An Yichun said wittily."Close your eyes!"Three seconds later.“Open your eyes!”“Clang, clang!”“Erguotou!”An Yichun said in a flaunting tone."How did you get it?"Chen Que asked in shock.“I bought it from the trade mall!”An Yichun unscrewed its cap and sniffed it in an intoxicated manner."It's still that familiar taste, and that familiar formula!"Then, An Yichun too
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Chapter 8 Eight-flavor Rehmannia Glutinosa
As they chatted, the sound of An Yichun’s light snoring came from the bed.Chen Que closed his eyes and opened the trade area system.At present, Chen Que had 25 points of energy.After finding what were less than 25 points of energy, Chen Que began to choose.He wanted to earn 1,000 points of energy in a short period of time.The items on sale must be best-selling.At present, there was no lack of food for the survivors, because killing zombies could drop food.Some luxurious food could only come out from high-level zombies.Additionally, consuming too much energy for food was something that no one would do.Weapons were the best.But most of weapons in the trade area were handguns.And they were all pistols with few bullets.There was no source of bullets, so the price of the gun was not expensive. On the contrary, the price of bullets broke through the horizon.He quickly found the trade area of bullets.Chen Que saw that a bullet actually cost one point of energy."I
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Chapter 9 The World Map
The next day, she got up early in the morning.After buying milk and bread in the trade area, An Yichun woke Chen Que up."It must have cost you a lot of energy!"As Chen Que spoke, he took out some crystal cores.“You’ll be in charge of buying tea, rice, oil, and salt. All the crystal cores we get in the future belong to you!”“No, I have!”An Yichun hurriedly refused."Take them, it's for our meal!"Unable to persuade Chen Que, An Yichun had no choice but to accept them and agree to Chen Que’s request.Now that Chen Que had been a profiteer, he could make money in the trade area by himself.Therefore, the crystal cores obtained from killing zombies were no longer worth Chen Que's attention.After breakfast, Chen Que and An Yichun discussed their future plans.“We cannot stay here forever. Thus, leaving the safe zone is a must!”“Then where do you want to go? I’ll listen to you!”At this time, An Yichun seemed to treat Chen Que as her backbone.It was as if they were a c
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Chapter 10 NPC Threatening the Survival-seeker
In a community on Peach Garden Road.In a certain room.A thin young man wearing glasses squatted in the corner with his hands covering his head.“Big brother, I’ve done as you said, you can let me go now!”The man with glasses implored the two men with pistols."Let you go?"One of them said with a cold snort."Invaders, you're the ones who brought the virus, turning our world into this state!"“However, why is God so unfair? It actually gave the chance to enter the new world to you, despicable invaders!”Another one echoed.“Big brother, kill him. Once we kill him, we’ll be able to obtain the opportunity to head to the new world!”"Not now!"Another burly man shook his head."They have the ability similar to making a phone call, so we can inform their companions and lead them here first!""There are two of us, and we must kill another one. In this way, both of us will be qualified!"“That’s right!”The eyes of the bamboo-like young man next to him lit up.“Later, let
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