Nicola's POV:

"She's still wearing the tracker correct?" I ask Stefano. We always make sure all our members are trained for the field and with computers. Today I get to test Stefano on his tracking, of course with out a tracker. Right now I just have to make sure the girl didn't back out because that would not be pretty for her.

"Right here," he mumbles before he quickly types on the keyboard. A map appears of Italy but quickly zooms in to Vieste, right to one of our family hotels.

The hotels are our "cover" to say. All of our business we cover with the hotel. Well not all. Some sums of money and some deals are to large- or important- to put the hotel's name on it.

"How about the van from last night. Any leads?" I ask as I rest one hand on the desk and the other on the back of his chair. Their van last night drove off after the first gun shot. Of course our guys drove after them but we quickly lost them.

"I'm close actually," Stefano says as he continues to type away. His glasses start to fall down his nose but he scrunches up his nose in an attempt to push them up. "I remember most of their plate, except a two numbers. So many people bought vans recently."

"How do you know they bought it recently?" I ask and I see the tips of his ears turn red.

"The van is a 2016 model," he tells me, "so in the past three years a lot of vans have been bought."

"Nice catch," I mutter before I watch the screen flip from different pages.

"Fratelli!" Stef groans at the yelling voice and throws his head back. "I have some news!"

"What now sorella?" Stefano asks, we both look at our sister who is standing in the doorway. Her hair is now a bright blonde and in curls against her back. My eyes widen at the unfamiliar sight and I look over at Stefano to see he has the same look.

"The news is your hair?" I ask sully and she rolls her eyes before hitting my arm.

"No stronzo," she defends herself, "this news is huge- life changing."

"Are you going to tell us or will you just keep talking about it?" Stefano cuts in, earning a glare from Aurora.

"Okay first, before I tell you the news, you can't freak out, yell, kill. I already talked to Papà and he's accepted it so you two can't do anything about it without going through him," she smirks. I raise an eyebrow at her, I'm confused. Why would I not be able to kill? I know I'm in the damn mafia and it's part of the job but this isn't a mission. This is my little sister telling me I can't kill someone- wait.

"What the fuck did Antonio do?" I growl as I stand up straight.

"Easy uccisore," Aurora mutters. "He didn't do anything wrong. Okay this is a lot harder to say than I thought. I'll tell you guys later. I can't do this right now." In an instant she went from giddy to nervous.

"Aurora," Stefano says and gets out of his chair. He walks over to our sister and hugs her tightly. "Quando arrivano i problemi, è la tua famiglia che ti sostiene," Stefano says quietly, but I can still hear it.

I walk over to my two younger siblings and wrap my arms around the both of them. Aurora takes a deep breath before her shoulders fall back down shakily. She's crying.

"Shh," I hush quietly, "if Dad hears you crying he'll beat Stefano's and my ass," I try to get her to laugh. "You're his principessa," I start, "ours too."

"You'll hate me," she mutters as we all pull away. Her eyes are red from holding back tears and she has her arms over her stomach...protectively?

"Please Aurora," Stefano speaks up for me, "we're family. Nothing is going to ever change that."

"Please don't be mad Nico," she mutters, using the nickname I haven't heard in years. I stand in front of my sister and kiss the top of her head. I hate it when she cries. "Promise?"

"Promise," I agree and she takes another deep breath. "Sono incinta," she whispers. Both Stefano and I are shocked at the worlds that fell out of her mouth. When neither of us said anything she hiccups and more tears fall. "I'm so sorry!" I bring her into my arms and try to calm her.

"Aurora breath," I mutter and she nods her head. After a few minutes she's not hyperventilating anymore and she's not crying.

"Congratulazioni," Stefano smiles. "This is huge Aurora and you're ready for it. I know it.

She looks at me, waiting to hear what I have to say. I don't want this to be happening, but I don't get everything I want. I just want her happy and now I want to kill Antonio. Maybe not kill, severely injure. "You're going to be a mom," I whisper and her lips tug into a small grin, "I'm happy for you Aurora. That baby is lucky to have you as it's mom."

"Thank you both," she says and I smile.

"Ti amo," I tell her and she repeats back my words. "Now, can I at least punch Antonio in the face?"

"How do you even know it's him?" She asks with wide eyes. "It-it could be someone completely different."

"I know things," I tell her and she gives in, "so where is he?"

"No Nicola!" She tells me, standing in front of the door, "you aren't touching him. I prefer for my baby to have a dad."

"Just a lunch," I tell her and grab her arms. I quickly pick her up slightly and move her out of the door way, "you'll still have him in one piece. This is just a warning shot."

"You can't shoot him!" Aurora gasps in shock and jumps on my back. "I'm going to kill you if you shoot him Nicola!"

"I was referring to the punch he's about to get," I roll my eyes at her. "This is the warning- if he ever hurts you or your baby in any way, I'll do a whole lot worse." I head downstairs, Aurora still on my back, as I enter the kitchen. Antonio happens to be there, talking with Mario. When he notices me he gives me a nervous smile and looks at Aurora, who's head is on my shoulder. I get her off my back before I go to Antonio and push him against the wall.

"One wrong move and I'll break every bone in your body," I whisper harshly, "if you hurt my sister or your baby in any way I will torture you to death. You know how ruthless I can be." Antonio's eyes are wide and he nods his head vigorously.

"I'm sorry man," he chokes out, "I won't hurt her. Lo prometto."

I let go of my hold on his shirt before I bring my right arm back and punch him square in the nose. "You had to see that coming," I tell her and he groans in pain.

"Nicola!" Aurora yells and slaps my head before she sits down next to Antonio, "sorry Toni."

"I expected it Tesoro," Antonio says as he clamps on to his nose. "I'm going to the basement. I need a doctor to check this out."

"I'm coming with you!" Aurora says quickly as she helps him up.

I turn around and head upstairs to Stefano. He's back at the computer typing away. He's really good at this. As I enter the room I realize he hasn't noticed me because his eyes still focus on the screen. I stand next to him once again and he looks up at me.

"I found it."


Fratelli: brothers

Sorella: sister

Stronzo: asshole

Uccisore: killer

Quando arrivano i problemi, è la tua famiglia che ti sostiene :when trouble comes, it's your family that supports you

Principessa: princess

Sono Incinta: I'm pregnant

Congratulazioni: congratulations

Ti amo: I love you

Lo prometto: I promise

Tesoro: treasure/sweetheart

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