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It's been two years since everything was taken from his world. He has become a ruthless and cold leader and he likes it that way. Now in one phone call, he must go back to where it all happened and face his demons. He must protect the one person he never thought would ever cross his path again. Jensen has not let his guard down in two years and in one glance he is totally taken off his game. Lynn never thought that she would find peace and now she must put her life in the hands of the man who blames her for the death of his fiance. Can Jensen get past his hatred and keep Lynn safe or will she face the same fate as his first love?

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Really cute story!
2021-07-19 23:51:25
user avatar
Jade-Queen Dean
Great book. if I could rate it 10 stars I would
2021-04-27 07:12:58
default avatar
Loved the story!!!!wished there was a part 2
2021-04-07 03:01:03
user avatar
sandra l getz
I couldn't put it down. I only did when my battery died, LOVED IT EMENCELY!!!!!!!!!!!
2021-03-11 23:49:16
user avatar
Nani Dabaluz
Captured from beginning to end. Love it.
2021-03-07 18:27:22
30 Chapters
I lay in my bed smoking a cigarette with these two dumb bitches I picked up at the bar last night asleep next to me. The sheet was tossed over my naked body barely covering anything. The blonde on my left rolled over and placed her hand on my thigh. I smirked a little, same shit different night, I thought to myself. The women always wanted me but I never wanted them for more than a night of fucking. These two women would be no different. I pushed the blonde’s hand from my thigh which made her roll back over. I saw my phone light up on the nightstand next to the bed. I reached over and grabbed it. When I looked at the number my anger rose a little. What the fuck does Mike want?FlashbackI see her smile as she held me close when we danced at prom. My Catherine, we had been seeing each other for a few months at this point. She was
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Chapter 1
A year after Catherine’s death...I stood in my bar watching the woman dancing in front of me. She was an attractive brunette with curves and a killer ass. I took a drink of my whiskey and kept my eyes on her. I was waiting for my second in command, Jacob, to meet me so we could discuss the problem that needed to be dealt with. The woman walked up to me and pushed her body against mine as she whispered in my ear. “Do you want to go have some fun sexy?” I pushed her off of me.“Can’t you see I’m busy? Go fuck with someone else.” She turned and walked away in a huff. Stupid bitch, I need to stay focused right now. I heard laughter from behind me and turned to see Jacob standing there.“Man, you sure know how to piss a woman off. You’re
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Chapter 2
Jacob and I arrived at the warehouse where everyone was already gearing up. I got out of the car and approached the men. “What’s the damage?” I looked over at Dillion. He looked up at me and flashed a grin.“Not too much. They destroyed one of our surveillance vans but nothing we can’t replace. They were amateurs.” I nodded and headed into the warehouse and to my office. I always kept a change of clothes for such occasions. Once I was changed I grabbed my weapons and headed back out to my crew. The men were all gathered around Jacob who was already explaining our attack plan.“Alright men, let’s finish this tonight. Everyone watch your backs.” I heard Jacob saying as I walked up. I looked up at all the men, as they started to head to the cars I yelled out.
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Chapter 3
By the next morning, Jacob had a meeting set up between Joseph and me at one of the most desired restaurants in town, La Grenouille. It was one of the most iconic French restaurants in New York and it was always busy so at least both of us knew that nothing would happen while we were there. The meeting was set for eight o’clock that night and I was already pumped. I had heard some crazy things about Joseph but it didn’t bother me. He wanted me to work with him and I wanted to have an agreement between us that I could live with. Now that my group was expanding I didn’t want our men to have to worry about pissing off the Suicide Kings.It was only noon so I decided to go down to the warehouse and check on the newest shipment we had received and then have a quick workout. I headed down to the garage and hopped on my bike and took off to the warehouse. When I pulled up Jacob was outside
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Chapter 4
Mike’s POVI sat in shock as the phone went dead in my ear. Jensen sounded different, harder, cold even. I never thought that he would tell me that he had to think about coming to help me. Up until two years ago, we have been inseparable since we were kids. We always had each other’s backs and we would have died for each other, in fact, we almost did. When my sister died two years ago, I knew that he had taking it bad but I guess I never imagined that he was that bad off. When he told me he was in New York and had started a chapter of the gang out there, I agreed because I knew that he needed to be away from Chicago. I never asked him for help or asked him to come back until now. After he left I had moved Trevor up to my second in command to replace Jensen. He was actually a great person for the job.There was a knock on my
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Chapter 5
Jensen’s POVI arrived at Mike’s house and was greeted by Mrs. Perkins. She wrapped me in a hug, I wanted to push her away but she was an older woman and I did have respect. “Jensen, my dear it’s so good to finally see you. Mike is in his office waiting for you.” I smiled at her and headed back to Mike’s office. As I approached I could hear him talking with Trevor. Then I heard a voice that I never thought I would hear again. My anger flashed and all I saw was red. She was never supposed to come back here. I let her go once I would not do it again. I drew my gun and burst through the door. Mike and Trevor’s eyes widened as I pointed the gun at the blonde woman sitting in the chair. “What the fuck is she doing here?”Mike stood up and walked in front of the blonde bitch. I stared at
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Chapter 6
Lynn’s POVThe door flung open and I heard. “What the fuck is she doing here?” When I turned around, I saw the man who had let me go two years ago but he wasn’t the same. He held a gun pointed right at me with anger in his eyes. He stood in the doorway his eyes fixed on me as Mike stood up and moved in front of me. I started to shake and cry, he truly looked at me like he was going to kill me.“Jensen, look bro Lynn needs our help.” This enraged Jensen more and he started to shake.“Why the fuck would I help her? Her brother is why Cat is dead. Or have you forgotten?” He hissed at Mike, continuing to point the gun at me and Mike. Mike’s eyes flashed with rage and his body tensed.&ldquo
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Chapter 7
“Well, answer the phone, Jensen. Just keep acting like everything is normal.” Mike stared at me as he pushed the phone back at me.“Hello,” I answered the phone before it went to voicemail. I could hear Joseph’s smirk through the phone and I wanted to smack it off his face.“Jensen, my friend. How have you been? I was told you were out of town.” I wonder who told him that.“Yes, I had some business to attend to in Chicago. I will be returning shortly. The man I left in charge in New York is capable of handling everything in my absence.” His voice heightened a little.“What a coincidence, I am in Chicago as well right now. I do have something I would like to discuss with you, would you mind meeting
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Chapter 8
Joseph’s POVI left the coffee shop with a smile on my face. This was a perfect way to test where his loyalties were. My men had collected information on Jensen after our first meeting. I knew everything about him and his connection with Michael Scott and The Lions. I also knew that he had separated himself from them shortly after the death of Mike’s sister at the hands of Lynn’s brother. What I didn’t know was why he had returned to Chicago on such short notice. I had decided to fly out and see if I could find out. Shortly after my arrival, I had seen him at Mike’s house with her. So he at least knows her, but why is he with her I had thought to myself. It was then that I had come up with the plan to have him bring her to me.I climbed into the waiting car and drove back to the airport. I had to make him believe that I knew nothing abou
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Chapter 9
I was super excited to go out tonight. It has been a long time since I was able to relax a little bit. I wasn’t excited about being around Mike’s girlfriend, Rebecca, she hasn’t exactly been friendly with me since I arrived. I was hoping that she would be nicer since I wasn’t living with them anymore, but either way, I was not going to let her ruin my night out. I was just glad that I had kept one decent outfit for going out in. It was a white skin tight strapless dress that shaped to my body just right. I also had silver and black heels with zippers on the back, super cute and hey a girl needs to look good when she hits the town, even if she is on the run.After my shower, I did my hair and makeup and got dressed. I took one last look in the mirror, my hair was down and I had straightened it out with just a little bit of a wave at the ends I looked hot. I grabbed my handbag a
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