“I’m going to kill her! But I need to find her first”. Abaddon crawled on the rough stairs with a loud groan. His body was injured and one part of his horn was missing, he looked more horrible than he already was.

“I am going to kill her!”. He repeated, as if that would alleviate his suffering. Abaddon knew his suffering had just begun and it probably won’t end  anytime soon. He knew he was extremely stupid crawling back here like he had not failed an important mission, he had a lot of guts. A lot of guts to die.

“I’m…going to kill her…” He said again, his voice extremely low this time. He had arrived at his own judgement place and he probably would not be scared.

A black, high throne was at the centre of the huge pillar that his master once stood on, with demons surrounding it. The more he came closer, the more they snarled like they could read he was now a failure. The throne, luckily for

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