Chapter 2949

Catherine, Freya, and Charity were sitting together and chatting.

When Chase went over, Catherine immediately asked protectively, “What’s wrong?”

“Your husband is bullying me.” Chase hid behind Catherine and glanced at Shaun, who was walking over with a dark expression.

“Move your paw off my wife,” Shaun warned with gritted teeth. If it were not for Catherine’s presence, he would have thrown Chase off the plane.

“What are you doing?”

Catherine glared at her husband. “Chase and I are friends. We’re besties. What’s with your attitude?”

“That’s right.” Chase straightened his back with Catherine’s support. “I simply said you got lucky to be able to be a dad despite being so sc*mmy at first. Cathy even brought a set of twins back to you. I’m so much better than you guys, yet I still don’t have a girlfriend. Did I say something wrong? How unfair is this?”

“Is he angry because of that?” Freya asked sarcastically.

Chase nodded repeatedly. “Was I wrong?”

Catherine threw the bag o
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